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Tesla Misinformation Regarding Vehicle Ranges

Following several Tesla owners being unhappy with the EV range, the Musk-owned EV giant is being sued for false advertising.

Tesla is known for some of the biggest EV ranges on the market. In July 2023, Tesla was found to overestimate driving range to its owners, leading to mass arbitration from California owners and a lot of them are getting involved.

What is Mass Arbitration?

Instead of a traditional lawsuit, you’re engaging in mass arbitration, Mass arbitration involves numerous individuals filing separate arbitration claims against a company for the same issue simultaneously, aiming to secure relief on a large scale. In this case, attorneys are opting for mass arbitration over a class action lawsuit because Tesla mandates arbitration for customer disputes. Typically, this is not beneficial to the consumer as the arbitrators find in favor of of the corporation. 

In a fairly recent Public Citizen’s study of 19,000 consumer arbitrations conducted by the National Arbitration Forum, over 94% of the decisions were in favor of the corporation that paid them and against the consumer.https://thelemonfirm.com/2020/02/16/lemon-law-arbitration/

History of this Case:

Tesla has reportedly set up a “Diversion Team” to avoid any appointments associated with poor range estimates. Owners are not happy with Tesla informing them of an unrealistic range and further evidence appears that this began around ten years ago. Software manipulation resulted in the cars only having a more accurate range estimate when the battery fell below 50%. 

Another incident in South Korea earlier this year sparked debate as the US Automaker were fined $2.1million after inaccurate range data on the regional website between Dec 2019 and Aug 2022. The error that Tesla made was not disclosing the reduction in range by >50% in cold weather. 

This is one of many actions taking place for consumer protection and consumer rights. Tesla are at the forefront of modern engineering and are paving the way in their technological efforts – but no one likes liars and false information.

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