Hyundai recalled more than 90,000 Genesis vehicles due to fire hazards. The company urges customers to park their cars outdoors amid these concerns. The recall includes certain Genesis car models from 2015 to 2019. Let’s dive into the reasons why Hyundai needed to initiate the recall and which vehicles were affected.

The Reason behind the Hyundai Recall

Hyundai announced this recall after getting complaints from customers that the engine in Genesis vehicles was catching fire. As for now, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported 12 incidents in the U.S. However, there are no reports of injuries or life threats.

The problem occurs when the car is driven in flooded conditions or wet roads. Hyundai said the starter solenoid could become contaminated with water which leads to a short circuit and develops into a fire. The signs may include smoke coming from the engine, a foul burning smell, or difficulty starting the engine. This situation can occur while driving or even when the car is parked.

Which Models Are Affected?

  • Hyundai Genesis 2015-2016 models
  • Genesis G80 2017-2019 models
  • Genesis G90 2019 model
  • Genesis G70 2019 model

Hyundai’s Response

When the issue was identified, the company took proactive measures to resolve the problem and minimize any potential risks. The dealers will install a remedy relay kit in the engine which will cater to the short circuit issue. It will serve as a corrective measure by preventing water from getting into the solenoid. This process will be free of cost as with all other recall repairs. 

Hyundai also shared that they will compensate the vehicle owners for any additional expense they have faced to fix this issue.

Hyundai has suggested that customers park their cars outdoors to avoid damage to houses or other properties. The Genesis vehicles should be parked away from other vehicles or structures until the recall repairs are complete. Additionally, the owners will get the notification letter by April 13 with instructions related to the recall process.  

Hyundai has taken some measures to ensure that models manufactured after January 2019 do not pose a fire risk. They have installed a protective boot on the solenoid that protects it from water.

How to Check For Recall?

Go to the NHTSA website to check if your Genesis car is scheduled for any recall. Enter the 17-digit vehicle identification number into the NHTSA website. If it does not show any recalls, it means your vehicle doesn’t have any open recalls. However, you should check back regularly to see if a recall has been offered for your vehicle.  


Even though the company has offered recalls, people are uneasy with this defect in Genesis models and rightfully so. This engine fire risk is a reminder for vigilance regarding vehicle maintenance and recall protocols.  Automobile issues require expert advice and legal help when you claim against manufacturers. In this case, Lemon Firm can help you with expert guidance. Our expert attorneys will assess your case, determine the potential legal remedies available, and guide you through the process of getting compensation.

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