About Us

CCA – The Lemon Firm was founded by one of California’s foremost lemon law trial attorneys, Michael H. Rosenstein, to apply his decades of experience to assist California consumers with their vehicle issues. The firm’s attorneys and staff are experienced professionals that have represented consumers in virtually every California county and against almost every large automaker. Fortunately for our clients, CCA’s exceptional legal services come at no cost to them– we forward all litigation costs and we are paid solely by the automakers when we win the case.

What Makes You Different From Other Firms? Why Should I Pick You?

We are often asked, “Why should I pick CCA? What makes you different than other firms?” The answer, in a nutshell, is three things: 1. Experience, 2. Excellence, and 3. Results.

Experience. CCA’s attorneys have handled hundreds of lemon law cases throughout the state against virtually every automaker. Thus, we are experts in the Song-Beverly Act (California’s “lemon law”), know how to handle cases efficiently and expeditiously, and are well-versed in the technical side of problems plaguing today’s vehicles. Also, unlike many other firms, when necessary, CCA is prepared to take our clients’ cases to trial before a jury. Our work has earned us a reputation as zealous advocates, both inside and outside of the courtroom. Thus, when you hire CCA, our experience is leveraged to get you a settlement faster and that is higher when compared to other lemon law firms.

Excellence. CCA’s team strives for excellence in everything that we do. For instance, we strive to provide our clients with exceptional customer service. When you have questions, your CCA attorney is available by phone or email to answer them for you. If are nervous about how the legal system works, our staff is here to walk you through it, step-by-step. We also strive for excellence in the legal arena. Thus, CCA’s attorneys are trial-tested and have earned the respect of attorneys and judges throughout the state. Our legal team consistently produces excellent work, which results in exceptional settlements and verdicts for CCA’s clients.

Results. Through superior experience and a focus on excellence, we have earned a track record of superior results for our clients. (See our Success Stories page). Simply put, CCA starts where other lemon law firms stop: other firms, for instance, boast that they are able to get their clients’ vehicles repurchased. That’s a good start – but our successful clients, typically receive that and much more. Unlike many other firms, our firm’s founder, Michael H. Rosenstein, is a seasoned and reputed trial attorney. The automakers know that, if CCA’s clients are not well taken care of, they will face Mr. Rosenstein and a jury of 12 in court. That daunting prospect regularly results in faster and higher settlements for CCA’s clients.

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