Andrew C. v. Hyundai Motor America

Los Angeles County

Our client, Andrew C., leased a Hyundai Genesis as a reward to himself after years of hard work.  Unfortunately, Andrew’s vehicle developed a constant and frustrating oil consumption problem wherein the vehicle would consume oil in between oil changes.  Hyundai repeatedly told Andrew there was nothing wrong with his car, but he was sorely disappointed that he could not enjoy the vehicle in the way it was intended because of the constant oil consumption.  We represented Andrew Choi at trial in Los Angeles Superior Court and were able to obtain a significant verdict in his favor, and the jury awarded him even more than what he had paid for the vehicle.  Also, the Court found later that Hyundai was responsible for paying Andrew’s attorney’s fees and costs.

Soon C. v. FCA US LLC

Los Angeles County

Our client, Soon C., was the owner of a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee whose vehicle was plagued by serious electrical malfunctions.  Soon’s Grand Cherokee included FCA’s infamous Totally Integrated Power Module (“TIPM”), which caused a series of vehicle no-starts, spontaneous stalling, and a host of other electrical issues.  Prior to commencing a lawsuit, Soon attempted to resolve his case directly with FCA but was unable to do so because they wouldn’t give his case any serious consideration.  We represented Soon in Los Angeles County Superior Court and were able to resolve his case for nearly three times what he paid for the vehicle.  Of course, we were also able to obtain payment of all our attorney’s fees and costs from Chrysler.

Olga C. v. FCA US LLC

Los Angeles County

Our client, Olga C., is a resident of Palmdale, California and purchased a 2014 Fiat 500 L from Fiat Los Angeles for approximately $43,000.  Unfortunately, after only 13,000 miles, the vehicle developed a series of serious and troubling transmission and engine issues.  Olga attempted to resolve her problems directly with Fiat but was unable to do so because they refused to follow the law, do right by their customer, and repurchase her vehicle.  When we became involved in her matter, we were able to settle the case for a significant sum, which included repayment of all of her payments, the payment of a significant civil penalty by Fiat to Olga, and of course, FCA paid all of Olga’s lawyer bills and costs as well.

Angela B. v. Ford Motor Company

Los Angeles County

Our client, Angela B., was one of thousands of owners of 2012 Ford Focuses who encountered irreparable transmission issues with respect to her vehicle.  Angela’s Focus was purchased used from Cerritos Ford with about 35,000 miles on it.  Immediately thereafter, it was taken in for a succession of six separate presentations for the transmission, which Ford Motor Company was unable to conform to warranty.  We were able to settle Angela’s case for a significant sum, including every penny she paid for the car, the civil penalty equal to double what she paid for the car, and of course, Ford Motor Company paid all of Angela’s lawyers bills, as well.

Ron B. v. FCA US LLC

San Bernardino County

Our client, Ron B., is a realtor from Upland, California, who purchased a 2011 Dodge Durango from Jeep Chrysler Dodge of Ontario.  Ron purchased the vehicle in June of 2011 and hoped for years of reliable and pleasurable driving around the Inland Empire.  However, not long after her bought the Durango, it developed electronic system issues and engine issues.  Ron’s problems with the vehicle went from bad to much worse after about 40,000 miles when the vehicle began intermittently not starting and stalling while being driven.  CCA’s attorneys attributed the stalling and no-starts to FCA’s notoriously defective Totally Integrated Power Module (or “TIPM”).  FCA’s attorneys attempted to strong arm Ron and refused to settle his case for a reasonable sum.  However, we tried his case before a jury of twelve in San Bernardino County Superior Court.  The jury found that the vehicle was defective, awarded Ron all of his money back and awarded him a civil penalty equal to double what he paid for the car.  Additionally, the San Bernardino jury found FCA had committed fraudulent concealment with respect to certain defects in his vehicle.  Later, the Court ordered that FCA pay for all of Ron’s attorney’s fees and costs.

Michelle B. v. FCA US LLC

San Diego County

CCA’s attorneys represented Michelle B. with respect to her lemon law claim on her 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee.  The vehicle was purchased from Rancho Chrysler Jeep Dodge in November 2010 for approximately $42,500.  After only about 17,000 miles, the vehicle developed a wide variety of frustrating and annoying issues, such as oil leaks, no starts, electronics issues, and HVAC issues.  Our attorneys represented Michelle in San Diego County Superior Court and were able to negotiate a significant settlement from Jeep, which included repayment of every dollar she paid for the car, payment of a significant civil penalty, and payment of all of Michelle’s attorney’s fees and costs incurred in the litigation.

Theresa B. v. FCA US LLC

Oakland County

Our client, Theresa B., is a nurse from San Leandro, California that owned a troubled 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan. Theresa hoped that the vehicle would reliably take her to and from work every day. Instead, however, the vehicle suffered a series of engine oil leaks and transmission issues and was presented for repair to Chrysler over 13 times. When she contacted Chrysler for them to voluntarily repurchase the vehicle, they refused to do right by their customer. Once our attorneys became involved, the case resolved for nearly three times what she paid for the vehicle. Of course, FCA was also ordered by the court to pay all of Theresa’s attorney’s fees and costs.

Joe and Ruby A. v. Ford Motor Company

Los Angeles County

Our clients, Joe and Ruby A. owned a 2008 Ford F-250, which Joe used as a work truck. Unfortunately, the truck developed a series of serious engine problems that Ford Motor Company and its dealerships were unable to fix. The vehicle would regularly misfire, crank and not start, stall, and suffered from both coolant and oil leaks. Ultimately, our attorneys were able to resolve the matter with Ford Motor Company for over two and a half times what Joe and Ruby paid for their truck. Of course, as part of the settlement, Ford Motor Company also paid all of Joe and Ruby’s lawyer’s bills.

Steven A. v. Ford Motor Company

San Joaquin County

Our client, Steven A., is a resident of Tracy, California who purchased a fully loaded 2010 Ford F-350 from San Francisco Ford Lincoln Mercury for over $70,000. Unfortunately, at about 45,000 miles, the vehicle developed a series of very serious engine issues, including coolant leaks, oil leaks, problems accelerating, and strange noises coming from the engine. In spite of the issues all being covered by the truck’s powertrain warranty, the authorized Ford dealership was unable to fix the vehicle’s problems. Ford Motor Company refused to resolve Steven’s case prior to litigation. Once our attorneys became involved, we were able to resolve the matter for a substantial settlement of over two times what Steven had paid for the troubled Ford. Of course, Ford Motor Company also agreed to pay all of Steven’s attorney’s fees and costs as part of the settlement.

David Z. and Julianne V. v. FCA US LLC

San Francisco County

Our clients, David Z. and Julianne V. are residents of Oakland, California and purchased a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee as a reward to themselves after successfully starting up their own new business. In spite of the vehicle costing over $55,000 when they purchased it from Walnut Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge, the vehicle quickly developed a series of problematic engine and transmission issues. David and Julianne took the vehicle in for service numerous times; but Chrysler was never able to conform the vehicle to warranty. Repeatedly, the authorized Chrysler technicians advised that nothing was wrong with their vehicle and it was “operating as designed.” The lawyers at CCA handled served as their counsel in binding arbitration against FCA. Ultimately, the arbitrator found in David and Julianne’s favor, awarding them three times what they paid for the vehicle. Later, the arbitrator also ordered that Chrysler pay all of our client’s attorney’s fees and costs.

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