Alfred and Betty M. v. FCA US LLC

Los Angeles County

Our attorneys had the pleasure of representing Alfred and Betty M. in their case against Chrysler involving a 2013 Dodge Durango, purchased from Motor Village L.A. in August of 2013.  Unfortunately for Betty and Alfred, the vehicle developed electronics issues within the first year of ownership, and from there things got worse.  Notably, their Durango suffered transmission jerking and excessive revving, engine issues, no starts, and other serious problems throughout their ownership.  While Chrysler attempted to fix the vehicle numerous times, it was unable to do so.  After our attorneys stepped in, we were able to negotiate an exceptional settlement for Betty and Alfred, which included almost three times what they paid for the Durango.  As an added bonus, Chrysler ordered by the Los Angeles Superior Court to pay all of our clients’ attorney’s fees and costs.

Bryan D. v. Ford Motor Company

Sutter County, California

Our client, Bryan D., purchased a 2004 Ford F-250 Super Duty truck from Larry Geweke Ford in Yuba City, California.  Unfortunately for Bryan, the 2004 Super Duty was one of the many 6.0-Liter Super Duty trucks sold by Ford Motor Company that suffered a series of serious powertrain issues.  Bryan’s truck suffered problems with the turbo charger, check engine lights, EGR valve issues, no starts, and a wide variety of other problems.  When our attorneys stepped in, we were able to negotiate a very substantial settlement for Bryan, which included Ford paying him back much more than he paid for the truck and all of his attorney’s fees and costs.

Lisa N. v. FCA US LLC

Los Angeles County

Our client, Lisa N., is an accountant from Torrance, California, that purchased her new 2011 Jeep Wrangler from Dave Ellis Chrysler Jeep.  Unfortunately, her Wrangler turned out to be a complete disaster, suffering a wide variety of engine issues, transmission issues, and other very serious problems throughout her ownership.  She finally was forced to get rid of the Wrangler and trade it in for a Chevy; but Chrysler refused to do right by its customer and pay Lisa her money back.  Our attorneys took her case to trial and delivered a big win for Lisa.  The downtown Los Angeles jury ordered Chrysler to pay her two and a half times what she paid for the truck.  Later, the court also ordered that she also receive all of her attorney’s fees and costs from Chrysler.

Sarah C. v. Hyundai Motor America

Kern County, California

Our client, Sarah C., is a dental assistant from Bakersfield, California, whose 2011 Hyundai Sonata was deeply troubled virtually from day-one.  While she purchased the vehicle hoping for years of reliability, the vehicle developed serious engine issue, electronics issues, transmission issues, and a wide variety of other problems. When Sarah requested that Hyundai repurchase her vehicle, the refused to do right by their customer and, instead, only offered her about half of what she was entitled to receive.   We took Sarah’s case to trial and a jury in Bakersfield, California awarded her all of her money back plus more.

Steve O. v. FCA US LLC

San Bernardino County, California

Our client, Steve O., is a retired bus driver from Rancho Cucamonga, California who purchased his 2012 Dodge Caravan from Jeep Chrysler Dodge of Ontario in May of 2012.  Unfortunately, his Caravan developed transmission problems including clunking, hard shifts, transmission jerking, and other serious problems.  In spite of taking the vehicle several times in for service, the dealership was never able to duplicate his issues and fix his transmission.  Chrysler also refused to do right by Steve, and we were forced to take his case to trial before a jury in San Bernardino, California.  The jury returned Steve a significant verdict that included Chrysler paying him all of his money back for the Caravan, plus a civil penalty equal to double what he paid for the van.  Afterwards, the court also ordered that all of Steve’s attorney’s fees and costs be paid by Chrysler.

Esmeralda H. v. FCA US LLC

Los Angeles County

Our client, Esmeralda H., hails from Norwalk, California, and suffered serious repeated transmission problems with her 2016 Chrysler 200.  Like many other Chrysler 200’s, her car suffered repeated and seemingly unfixable transmission issues.  Esmerelda attempted to resolve her dispute with FCA prior to bringing her lawsuit, but they refused to do right by their customer.  The attorneys at CCA were able to resolve her case for a very significant settlement wherein Esmeralda was paid back all of her attorney’s fees and costs, and significantly more than what she paid for the troubled Chrysler 200.

Carl and Cathy C. v. FCA US LLC

Riverside County, California

Our attorneys had the great pleasure of representing Carl and Cathy C., a retired couple from Palm Desert, California, in their case against FCA having to do with their troubled 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee.  Carl and Cathy’s Jeep suffered no-starts, suspension issues, body and structural problems, electronic issues, and additional serious non-conformities to warranty.  Their case was tried before a jury of eight Los Angeles Federal court in October of 2018 for both violations of the Song Beverly Act and for consumer fraud.  We were very pleased that the jury found that in favor of our clients on all claims and awarded Carl and Cathy all of their money back, a civil penalty equal to double what they paid for the vehicle, and $500,000 in punitive damages against Chrysler on the basis of fraud.

Sandy S. v. FCA US LLC

Fresno County

Our client, Sandy, is a motorcycle-riding grandmother from Fresno County that purchased a troubled 2011 Jeep Liberty from Fresno Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in December of 2010.  Her Jeep Liberty suffered a wide variety of engine and electronics issues and was never able to conform to warranty by Chrysler during the time that she owned the vehicle.  Chrysler refused to do right by Sandy, and we took her case to trial in the Eastern District of California, United States District Court.  The jury returned a verdict in favor of Sandy, awarding her all of her money back plus a significant civil penalty.  After her trial, the court furthermore ordered that FCA pay all of Sandy’s attorney’s fees and costs.

Kimberly and Carlos S. v. FCA US LLC

Orange County

We had the great pleasure of representing Kimberly and Carlos S. in their case against FCA US LLC, arising from their purchase of a troubled 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Being a young couple with young children, Kimberly and Carlos were terrified of their Jeep, which would oftentimes not start or stall on them when they were trying to drive the vehicle. Our attorneys served as trial counsel before a jury of 12 in Orange County, California, who returned a significant verdict for Kimberly and Carlos, which included all of their money back plus a significant civil penalty against FCA US LLC. Afterwards, the Orange county court furthermore ordered that FCA reimburse Kimberly and Carlos’s attorney’s fees and costs.

Joe and Sabine D. v. General Motors

Ventura County

Our clients, Joe and Sabine D., are a couple from Thousand Oaks, California who purchased a 2012 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible from Santa Paula Chevrolet, in July of 2012, looking forward to years of top-down enjoyment.  Unfortunately, their hopes were dashed when the vehicle developed a series of squealing noises from the engine, strange smells, recalls, interior issues, electrical problems, and other warranty defects.  Our attorneys were able to settle this case for approximately three times what our clients had purchased the car.  In addition, as part of the settlement, General Motors agreed to pay all of our clients’ attorney fees and costs.

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