Paul W. v. FCA US LLC

Sacramento County

Our client, Paul W., resides in Roseville, California and runs his own landscaping business. He purchased a 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 from Folsom Lake Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram for over $35,000 to use as part of his landscaping business. Unfortunately, Paul’s truck developed a series of very serious engine and transmission issues early on that Dodge simply could not fix. Paul took in the vehicle numerous times to Folsom Lake CDJR for service and they were never able to get things working right on his truck. Altogether, his car spent dozens of days in the shop and was presented for repair numerous times. FCA US refused to resolve his matter amicably and ultimately faced a jury of 12 in Sacramento County Superior Court. Our attorneys were able to deliver an excellent result for Paul when the jury returned and awarded him over three times what he paid for the truck. Later, the Sacramento Superior Court also ordered that Chrysler also pay all of our attorney’s fees and costs on Paul’s behalf.

Celie W. v. FCA US LLC

Los Angeles County

Our client, Celie W. purchased a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee from Glendale Dodge hoping to use the vehicle as her daily driver and to help her tow horse trailers. As a professional horse trainer, she needed a reliable and powerful vehicle to assist with her work and transport her horses. Unfortunately, the 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee turned out to be a highly problematic disaster; leaving her and her horses stranded. The Grand Cherokee developed a series of serious engine issues that Chrysler was unable to repair in spite of numerous presentations and recalls. After her case was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, our attorneys were able to resolve the matter for a substantial settlement in Celie’s favor and payment of all of her attorney’s fees and costs by Chrysler.

Joseph T. v. FCA US LLC

Riverside County

Our client, Joseph T. is a computer programmer from Mira Loma, California who purchased a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee for over $45,000 from Browning Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram. Joseph’s first 30,000 miles of vehicle ownership were fairly uneventful. However, after that point, the vehicle developed serious and troubling engine issues, including rough idles, strange engine noises, engine stalling, and other problems. In spite of several presentations to Jeep Chrysler Dodge of Ontario and other authorized dealerships, FCA was unable to fix our client Joseph’s vehicle. We stepped in and were able to settle this matter for a substantial settlement of over two and a half times what he paid for the vehicle and, of course, FCA was ordered by the court to pay all of his attorney’s fees and costs as well.

Dennis P. v. Ford Motor Company

Kings County

Our client, Dennis P., is a resident of Lemoore, California, and purchased a 2008 Ford F-350 for use as a work truck. Unfortunately for Dennis, after about 25,000 miles, the vehicle developed a series of engine issues, including coolant leaks, strange whiney noises emanating from the engine, oil leaks, and other serious engine problems. Over the course of years, he presented the vehicle to Ford many times for repair and they were unable to fix his engine problems. He also attempted to resolve his problems directly with Ford Motor Company; but they flatly refused to do right by their customer and repurchase his vehicle. When the attorneys at CCA became involved in the case, the Ford Motor Company agreed to pay Dennis significantly more than what he had paid for the troubled F-350 and, of course, paid all of his attorney’s fees and costs as well.

Rodolfo and Ivan R. v. Ford Motor Company

Los Angeles County

Our clients, Rodolfo and Ivan R., purchased a 2012 Ford Fusion from Galpin Motors in the San Fernando Valley.  Unfortunately, at about 37,000 miles, the vehicle developed transmission issues, including jerking, hesitation, and stalling.  They took in the vehicle several times to the dealership for repair; but the dealership was unable to resolve their issues. After our lawyers became involved, Ford resolved their case, paying Rudolfo and Ivan a substantial settlement that included payment of 100% of our clients’ attorney’s fees and costs.

Douglas and Georgia S. v. FCA US LLC

San Luis Obispo County

Our clients Douglas and Georgia S. are a lovely elderly couple from Cambria, California that we represented with respect to their purchase of a 2014 Jeep Cherokee.  They purchased the vehicle hoping for years of peaceful and reliable enjoyment. They also looked forward to driving the Cherokee cross-country to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.  Unfortunately, prior to and during that trip, the vehicle presented with serious transmission and engine issues that the dealership was unable to fix. Douglas and Georgia became so frightened that they cut their trip short and returned straight home to the dealership.  They tried to resolve the vehicle’s problems, first, with their local dealership; but they were unable to fix the vehicle. Next, they attempted to resolve things directly with Chrysler, and Chrysler refused to do right by them. After our attorneys stepped in, we were able to obtain an excellent resolution of the case for them, including payment of all of their attorney’s fees and costs and a payment of nearly four-times what they paid for the vehicle.  

Chelsea F. v. Ford Motor Company

Ventura County

Our client, Chelsea F. resides in Westlake Village, California, and purchased her 2013 Ford Fiesta from Kemp Ford, hoping for a reliable car to get her to and from work every day.  Like countless other Ford Fiestas, Chelsea saw her vehicle develop serious and scary transmission issues, such as transmission grinding, shuddering, hesitating, and other such issues.  We represented Chelsea in Ventura County Superior Court in her claims against Ford Motor Company. Fortunately, after litigating the case, Ford Motor Company relented and offered to pay her over four times what she paid for the car.  Of course, Ford Motor Company also picked up the bill for all of her attorney’s fees and costs as part of the negotiated settlement. 

Roman & Beverly S. v. FCA US LLC

Sonoma County

Our clients, Roman and Beverly S. purchased their 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee from Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge back in April of 2014.  The vehicle exhibited a series of steering issues starting at 4,500 miles, which could never be corrected by Chrysler. They called Chrysler, told them about all the problems they were having with the car, and asked Chrysler to repurchase their vehicle.  However, Chrysler suggested that they instead go pound sand instead. When we stepped in, things changed and Chrysler offered to settle their case for over double what they had paid for the car and reimbursement of every dollar of their attorney’s fees and costs.  

Karen F. v. FCA US LLC

Kern County

Our client, Karen F. is a resident of Bakersfield and one of many clients we have had the pleasure of representing in Kern County, California.  She purchased her 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee from Bakersfield Chrysler Jeep back in September of 2011. It didn’t take long for the vehicle to start exhibiting warranty issues such as the check engine light being illuminated, problems with the airbag systems, strange lights flashing on the dashboard, numerous recalls, and the vehicle not starting on occasion.  We represented Karen in Kern County Superior Court in her case against Chrysler. We were able to settle her case for nearly three times what she paid for the car. Of course, she did pay any of her legal bills or costs – Chrysler, as part of her settlement, paid all of those, too.  

Daniel L. v. FCA US LLC

Ventura County

Our client, Daniel L. resides in Simi Valley, California and purchased a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee in September of 2012.  The troubled vehicle exhibited a wide variety of issues including electrical issues, paint blemishes, recalls, engine leaks, problems with its windows, smoke coming out of the tailpipe, strange noises coming from the engine, engine misfires, and suspension issues.  While Chrysler initially denied Daniel any relief, we were able to negotiate a significant settlement with Chrysler that included reimbursement of all of his payments on the car, a significant civil penalty, and that Chrysler would pay him back for every dollar of attorney’s fees and costs incurred. 

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