If you have purchased or leased a new or used automobile in California that has been plagued by defects, your vehicle may be a “lemon.” Under California’s lemon law, you have the right to pursue a claim to obtain a replacement vehicle or a refund. Although our State’s lemon law is one of the strongest consumer laws in the nation, it often takes a highly skilled lemon law attorney to effectively enforce your rights. That’s where we come in.

CAA — TheLemonFirm.com — is a premier consumer advocacy practice serving clients throughout California, including Los Angeles and Orange, Riverside, San Bernandino, and Ventura Counties. We have a well-earned reputation for helping our clients fight back against the big automakers inside and outside of the courtroom. Well-versed in the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act (also known as the “California Lemon Law”), CCA’s lawyers have a proven history of helping our clients obtain significant settlements and verdicts. What is more, all of our fees and costs are paid for by the automakers. When you consult us, you will have the confidence knowing that a distinguished legal team is in your corner, fighting for your rights.

An Overview of California Lemon Law

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Under the California lemon law, the manufacturer must replace or repurchase your vehicle if it cannot be repaired after a “reasonable” number of repair attempts. However, not every defect will necessarily qualify your car as a lemon. Under our State’s laws, you must be able to demonstrate a substantial impairment to use, value, or safety. This typically means that there must be at least one serious warranty issue in the vehicle’s repair history. For instance, if the glove compartment light doesn’t work, or there is a minor interior blemish, that’s probably not enough. It is important to note also that CCA focuses on defects covered by the original factory warranty. While this includes vehicles purchased used or currently out of warranty, the defects must have been covered by the original factory warranty for our firm to assist.

Just as vehicles have grown more complicated over the years, the defects afflicting them have likewise grown more complicated; resulting in more failed repair attempts. The number of repair attempts required for your car to qualify is not specified under the law, and it generally depends on the type of defect. The more serious the defect, the fewer presentations are required. A safety defect — fuel system defects, brake defects, airbag defects, computer module defects, engine defects, transmission defects, seat belt defects — must typically be repaired in two or fewer attempts, in most circumstances. The law also covers other defects, such as audio/navigation system defects, air conditioning, power windows, door locks, sunroof operation, power seats, paint defects, and fuel filling problems, and such defects must generally be repaired in four or less attempts.

Vehicles oftentimes qualify for repurchase/replacement, even though particular defects are not repeated because the manufacturer’s obligation is to conform the vehicle as a whole to warranty after a reasonable number of attempts. However, each case is different and it’s important that you consult with competent legal counsel to determine whether or not your qualifies.

In short, if your vehicle has been in for repeated repairs for warranty issues, you have powerful legal recourse under the California lemon law. You may also have a valid lemon law claim if your vehicle was out of service for an aggregate period of 30 days or more or if you’ve lost confidence in the vehicle. In either case, if you’re frustrated with your vehicle’s issues and feel like you did not receive the value that you paid for, that’s the time to call CAA – TheLemonFirm.com at (833) LEMON-FIRM. Our experienced legal team will determine whether or not your vehicle qualifies as a lemon, free of charge.

California’s strong lemon laws provide a number of legal remedies available to you. First, as mentioned above, the manufacturer must either replace your defective vehicle with a new one or repurchase the vehicle (deducting the mileage offset from the purchase price). Also, the manufacturer must also reimburse any incidental or consequential damages (e.g. the cost of renting a vehicle and other expenses you incurred while the vehicle was out of service).

Importantly, the California lemon law allows you to recover attorneys’ fees and legal expenses related to your lemon law claim. When you hire CAA — TheLemonFirm.com, all of our fees and costs are paid from settlements with the automakers –- you pay us nothing unless we obtain a recovery for you. We also forward all legal expenses for you.

California’s laws place an affirmative duty on manufacturers to voluntarily repurchase defective vehicles. Under certain circumstances, when the automaker fails to do so, the consumer is entitled to additional compensation – above and beyond what they paid for the vehicle (called a “civil penalty”). Our clients can oftentimes demonstrate that the manufacturer willfully violated the provisions of the California lemon law and, therefore, often recovery even more than what they paid for their troubled vehicles. The Song-Beverly Act provides that manufacturers are liable for civil penalties up to double what was paid for the vehicle when it’s proven that they willfully violated the lemon law. Our lemon law attorneys have a proven history of helping our clients recover such damages.

Contact Our Experienced Los Angeles Lemon Law Attorneys

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Despite the California lemon law’s powerful legal protections, pursuing a claim on your own can be daunting. Big automakers are typically international corporations represented by international law firms and have an unfair advantage over consumers. However, with CCA’s expert legal team on your side, that advantage is neutralized. The manufacturers know our attorneys’ reputations for exceptional legal work and, therefore, work to resolve our clients’ cases faster and for more money.

If you’re frustrated with your vehicle, feel you didn’t get the value you paid for, or are worried about what the future holds for your vehicle – that’s the time to contact CAA – TheLemonFirm.com. Our legal team has extensive experience handling lemon law claims and a proven history of helping our clients obtain the maximum possible compensation. Our tenacious lemon law attorneys will be at your side and never stop fighting for you until the manufacturer finally provides you with the compensation you deserve. Please contact (833) LEMON-FIRM today for a free consultation with the State’s foremost lemon law legal team or fill out the form on our website.

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