Class Action Affects Ford Transmission Problems – Owners Take Back Control

Certain Ford models have been subject to transmission issues causing them to become defective. Hundreds of owners took back control after a class action lawsuit was initiated.

History of the Class Action

The latest class action against the US Automaker claims that Ford already knew about issues with the transmission in the Fusion and Escape models. Further explained in a 533-page document, the class action affects a 6F35 or similar transmissions fitted to models at least as early as 2009 up until 2021.

It also claims that Ford has lied to owners about the root cause of the faulty transmission after they were left with a heavily depreciated car with high out-of-pocket repairs.

The issue points to a transmission design failure affecting how the hardware and software work together. This stems from a host of symptoms affecting the transmission including sudden shaking, jerking, gear slippage, and delayed, hesitant, or bucking and kicking on acceleration. Some owners have complained of delayed downshifts, power loss, and greater wear and tear on internal transmission components.

What Owners Are Frustrated About

Ford, according to owners and lessees in this class action, has only resolved some of the problems – with symptoms reappearing at a later date. Accusing Ford of performing only temporary fixes to the transmission and the US-Automaker simply refusing to fix the issue permanently.

If the owners of the affected Escape and Fusion models knew there was an inherent defect with the transmission, they would have avoided buying the vehicle.

Owners are also frustrated at the repair bills associated with the transmission, as well as out-of-pocket expenses for arranging alternative transport, and the loss of value caused by the widespread industry knowledge of models having faulty transmissions.

According to the class action claim:

“Owners complain their Vehicles take an inordinately long time to accelerate from a stop or low speed, exhibit a hard deceleration or ‘clunk’ when drivers either slow down or accelerate at low speeds, shudder, and shake or make a loud clunking or knocking sound when the transmission finally selects the appropriate gear ratio, and often fail to accelerate when needed.

Finally, in addition to hesitations, slow response, and jerky/shuddering/bucking behavior, the lifespan of the transmission in Plaintiffs’ Vehicles is unreasonably short.”

How Ford Owners Can Take Back Control

While this class action lawsuit has been compiled by over 100 Fusion and Escape owners, thousands more continue to be unhappy with the lack of solutions provided by automakers. These problems escalate into further legal action, just like this – underlining the importance of protecting consumer rights.

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