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Understanding Lemon Law Timelines: Don’t Miss Your Chance for Compensation

Did you recently buy a car that’s been giving you more trouble than it’s worth? You might have a lemon on your hands, and California’s Lemon Law could be your ticket to compensation for your headache. However, there are strict timelines for taking advantage of the law’s protections, and if you miss the deadline, you could be out of luck.

CCA – The Lemon Firm stands with Los Angeles consumers and can provide the guidance you need to win a Lemon Law claim. In this blog, we’ll unpack the Lemon Law timelines, offering clear, actionable steps you can take to demand fair compensation. Understanding these timelines is the first step toward turning your frustrating situation into a victory.

Statute of Limitations for a California Lemon Law Lawsuit

Under the California Commercial Code, the absolute deadline to file a lawsuit related to a Lemon Law claim is four years. If you miss this deadline, you lose your right to demand compensation from the defective vehicle’s manufacturer or the dealer who sold you the car.

The tricky part of this deadline is when the four-year countdown starts. California courts have said that the deadline applies from when a consumer discovered or reasonably should have discovered that a car is a lemon. Given the ambiguities of this rule, your best bet is to speak to an attorney right away if you suspect your car has a significant defect.

The Lemon Law Only Applies to Cars Under the Original Manufacturer’s Warranty

There’s one final time consideration in California Lemon Law claims: the law only applies to vehicles under the manufacturer’s original warranty. Because of this requirement, many used cars do not qualify for a Lemon Law claim. It’s also worth noting that the Lemon Law only applies to original manufacturer parts, not aftermarket parts or any modifications you make.

How We Can Help with a California Lemon Law Claim

At CCA – The Lemon Firm, we’re dedicated to handling your Lemon Law claim with precision and care. Our team can file and prepare your claim on your behalf, so you know all the necessary paperwork and evidence are in order. Moreover, we can insist that you not only receive a refund or replacement vehicle but also pursue additional compensation through a civil penalty. While such penalties are not guaranteed, our proactive approach aims to maximize your chance of getting the financial relief and justice you deserve.

You have a limited time to act if you bought a defective vehicle, so don’t wait to start your claim. Call CCA – The Lemon Firm today or complete our contact form for a free consultation.

About the Author
Sepehr Daghighian is a partner with CCA that is well-versed in all aspects of lemon-law litigation. A 2005 graduate of Loyola Law School, Mr. Daghighian has been practicing litigation throughout the state of California for over 13-years. In this time, Mr. Daghighian has advocated on behalf of California consumers in hundreds of lemon law cases throughout our great state. Mr. Daghighian has also successfully tried numerous such cases to verdict in both Federal and State Court.