BMW Recalls 80,000 Vehicles After Potential Brake Issue

The prestigious German automaker has recently announced a potential brake defect affecting 80,000 vehicles.

Braking System Fault Explained

As outlined in this NHTSA recall document, a host of BMWs are subject to recall after an issue with the brake component. Specifically, the issue is related to the electronic stability control and service brakes. 

NHTSA has stated: “The integrated brake (IB) system may malfunction and result in a loss of power brake assist or cause the Antilock Brake (ABS) and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) systems to not function properly.”

As a result of this defect, the braking distance could increase and the failure of the respective ABS and/or DSC systems could result in loss of vehicle control. Any of these instances will increase the likelihood of a crash.

Fortunately, the document also outlines that if the systems affected did malfunction, then it would not affect the mechanical braking ability or emergency brake. It also states that the emergency brake will automatically switch on if the braking performance is reduced. 

BMW has tried to reassure owners by explaining that any issue with the braking system will cause a warning light to illuminate on the dashboard. If this is the case, owners need to take their vehicles in for inspection immediately.

Which BMW Models Are Affected?

The vehicles affected as part of this recall include the BMW 530i, 740i, 760i, i5, i7, X1, X5, X6, X7, and XM, and the Rolls-Royce Spectre all within the 2023 and 2024 model years. 

However, BMW has announced that most of the affected vehicles are X1, X5, and X7, models (64,658 vehicles out of the total 79,670). 

BMW has owned the Rolls Royce brand since 1998 and the Spectre model affected by this recall shares some of the same components in the German automaker’s premium lineup.

What Owners Need To Do Next

BMW will issue a letter in the mail to the affected owners beginning April 5, 2024. Where affected vehicles can be taken to a BMW or Rolls Royce dealership for a free replacement of the integrated braking system. Owners are also advised to contact BMW customer service at 1-800-525-7417 or Rolls Royce customer service at 1-877-877-3735 for more information.

How Consumers Can Take Back Control

This latest announcement from BMW and NHTSA affects a safety critical component in the braking system and poses a significant safety risk. Whilst the recall activation aims to prevent braking issues, many owners continue to be unhappy with the solutions provided by automakers. These problems have the potential to escalate into further legal action, just like this – underlining the importance of protecting consumer rights.

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