Over 820,000 pickup trucks have been recalled by General Motors, due to a tailgate latch issue. The company stated that if water enters the latch, it may cause a short circuit. It may lead to the unintended opening of the tailgate. The recall addresses the model years 2020 to 2024 GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado. Let’s take a closer look at the issue!

Electronic Latch Mechanism Issue

Some GM pickups have been identified to have a faulty electronic tailgate latch, which activates when the tailgate electronic switch is released. The tailgate is made up of a water-impermeable membrane. As soon as the water enters, it eventually creates a short circuit between the switch and tailgate system. This may cause the tailgate to unlatch unintentionally when the car is in parking mode. The control system of the body control module is designed in a way that it cannot unlatch the tailgate latch even when the vehicle is in gear. 

Recall Details

The recall affects specific models of Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks made between 2020 and 2024. The issue is that the tailgates might open unexpectedly. This recall solely affects certain trucks with a manual gate and power lock, and no other truck models. Over 570,000 trucks in the US and approximately 249,000 in Canada are affected by the recall. GM is fixing the issue by replacing the external switch that opens the tailgate with a more water-resistant one. Owners will receive notification starting on March 18th.

Safety concerns

  • Unlatched tailgate can result in unsecured cargo spilling onto the road while the vehicle is in motion. It is very risky and increases the chance of road accidents.
  • Both the vehicle owner and the manufacturer may face legal liabilities for damages, injuries, or other consequences resulting from the incident.
  • Cargo falling out of the truck bed can cause damage to vehicles following behind or adjacent to the affected vehicle. It can also damage roadside property or infrastructure.
  • Debris from an unlatched tailgate can create obstacles on the road.
  • If the electronic latch mechanism malfunctions due to water intrusion. The tailgate may unexpectedly open while the vehicle is stationary. This leads to potential safety hazards.

How to Proceed?

Every vehicle owner who is affected by the recent recall should take action to ensure their safety and protect their rights. First of all, you must verify whether your vehicle is part of the recall. If your vehicle is affected, it is important to schedule an inspection promptly to assess the electronic latch mechanism. Until the issue is resolved, be sure to manually check that your tailgate is securely latched before driving. Remember that delaying action on this issue could pose safety and legal issues. Stay informed about the recall process and any updates from GM.

Seeking Legal Assistance 

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