Time to Take Your Vehicle to the Shop

By: Brian T. Murray For almost a week, Californians have been subject to a shelter-in-place order in response to the world-wide outbreak of the Covid-19 virus.  A silver lining to this unexpected quarantine is that it has allowed us the opportunity to spend more time with our families and focus more attention on chores and […]

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Los Angeles-based law firm, California Consumer Attorneys, P.C. (“CCA”) announced today that it will remain open and fully operational during the current public health emergency.  CCA announced that it has successfully relocated its attorneys and staff to remote workplaces and that, therefore, its business operations will continue in full force throughout the current Coronavirus crisis. […]

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Person filing a lemon claim without a car.

No Car. No Problem.

By Brian T. Murray, Esq. Consumers in California can file a lawsuit under the Lemon Law even if they no longer own the defective vehicle.  In these volatile economic times, there is a growing pressure to keep up with our monthly expenses despite an uncertain financial future. For most of us, our car payment is […]

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A line-up of Toyota pick-up trucks on grass.

Transmission Problems in Toyota Tacoma Trucks

By Michelle Fausto Toyota’s tagline – “Let’s Go Places” – reflects its commitment to producing better, more reliable cars that can take consumers places far and wide. Unfortunately, some consumers of Toyota Tacoma models have trouble even leaving their driveways less than a year after their purchase. Thousands of owners of 2015-2019 Tacoma models have […]

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Man searching for cars online through private parties.

Private Parties, Online Sales, and the Lemon Law

By: Sepehr Daghighian, Esq. Today, more and more car buyers and skipping traditional brick-and-mortar car dealerships and, instead, finding their cars online.  For many, purchases from private parties, eBay, auto-brokers, CarMax, Carvana, Craigslist, Car Gurus, and other online resources have replaced the traditional joy of visiting and haggling with one’s local dealership.  However, questions arise […]

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Couple looking over lemon law claim with lawyer.

Lemon Law Arbitration

By: Sepehr Daghighian, Esq. CCA’s expert lemon law attorneys are often asked, “Should I arbitrate my lemon law claim instead of hiring a lawyer?”  While California’s lemon law arbitration system claims certain advantages to consumers, the system suffers from numerous serious disadvantages, which make it perilous to the unsuspecting and unprepared consumer.  For example, a […]

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Man inside a Honda Accord, holding the steering wheel.

Common Honda Accord Problems

By Jim Martinez, PC The Honda Accord has long been ubiquitous on California roadways. Generally held to be the premier model of one of the automotive industries more reliable manufacturers, the Accord is not without its issues – particularly electrical and engine issues in 2013-2018 models.  Common issues within the 2013-2018 Honda Accords are related […]

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An Audi Q-7 with a fuel system issue.

Fuel System Problems in Audi Q-Series SUV Vehicles

By Michelle Fausto Volkswagen-owned Audi guarantees that “every Audi SUV embodies our commitment to safety, versatility, and the sheer enjoyment of the ride.”  However, VW-Audi’s promises of safety are belied by recent fuel system problems found in some Audi Q-series vehicles. Audi has been forced to recently issue a series of recalls relating to the […]

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Mechanic working on a timing chain in a BMW.

BMW Timing Chain Defects

By: Nina Safi and Matthew Jordan BMW boast of building the “Ultimate Driving Machines” based on their durable and powerful engines. While that may be true for some models of the company, the BMW N20 and N26 engines have failed drivers with faulty timing chain defects that have caused disastrous breakdowns and costly repairs up […]

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