A sunroof in a passenger car.

Does Mercedes Benz Have a Sunroof Problem?

Mercedes-Benz recently announced the recall of about 750,000 vehicles because the glass from the sunroofs could suddenly detach while a car is moving and create a road hazard. If you own or lease a Mercedes-Benz or other vehicle that has a defective sunroof, you should consult an experienced lemon law attorney.  The Backdrop The recall […]

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Ford Explorers and other SUVs in a Ford dealership.

Defects in 2013-2018 Ford Explorers

By Jonathan C. Cagliata CCA’s expert lemon law attorneys are often contacted by frustrated Ford Explorer owners that are looking for solutions to problems plaguing their vehicles. While in recent years, Ford Explorers have been tremendously popular and successful vehicles for Ford Motor Company, Explorer owners have also experienced a wide array of serious and […]

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Man buffing out the paint defects of a white vehicle.

Paint Problems and the Lemon Law

By: Sepehr Daghighian, Esq. You’re at a car lot and the sun is glistening off of the gleaming, pristine finish on the new car you’ve had your eye on for months  What could be prettier? Even though it’s pricey, you decide to pull the trigger and purchase your shiny new ride, dreaming of years of […]

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Man riding his motorcycle on a highway.

Does the Lemon Law Cover Motorcycles?

By: Michael H. Rosenstein, Esq. Lemon law attorneys are often asked if the California Lemon Law covers motorcycles, as well. The short answer is, “yes.” Although the lemon law’s provisions, which are applicable to motorcycles, fall under a different section of the California Civil Code, our state’s strong consumer protections apply to motorcycles as well […]

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Used vehicle at a car dealership.

Does the Lemon Law Apply to Used Vehicles?

By: Michael H. Rosenstein, Esq. Nearly every day, our office receives calls from consumers wondering if California’s lemon law applies to their used cars.  The short answer is, “yes.”  The lemon law applies to used vehicles in many of the same ways as it does to new vehicles.  Additionally, for used vehicles, there are subtleties […]

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Ford SUVs and trucks in dealership parking lot.

Severe Powertrain Defects in Ford Escapes

By: Jim Martinez, Esq. The Ford Escape is one of the top-selling vehicles in the country. This should come as no surprise, as Ford has offered the American public basic, affordable vehicles for over a century. However, the affordability of its vehicles often comes at a high, hidden cost – long-term reliability. Often, catastrophic issues […]

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A parked Jeep Grand Cherokee with engine stall issues.

Engine Stalls/Shut-Downs in Jeeps

By Lauren C. Martin, Esq. For years, CCA attorneys have heard complaints from concerned California consumers regarding Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Grand Cherokee’s engine stalls and shut-downs. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (“NHTSA”), even 2019 Jeep Cherokees have been subject to numerous recalls and service bulletins regarding engine stalls and engine shut-downs.  […]

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An exotic vehicle driving on the highway.

Luxury, High-End, and Exotic Lemons

By Lauren C. Martin, Esq. Folks paying the price of a small house for a vehicle typically expect to receive a solid and reliable vehicle.  However, in spite of their extravagant prices and respected marques, owners of high-end luxury and exotic vehicles all too often find their vehicles from the same frustrating defects and owners […]

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Mechanic acting as an expert witness in a lemon law case.

Expert Witnesses in Lemon Law Litigation

By: Sepehr Daghighian, Esq. The seasoned trial attorneys at CCA regularly utilize outside expert witnesses in lemon law litigation in order to help understand, analyze, and bolster their client’s cases.  Lemon law cases oftentimes involve complicated technical issues and disputed facts. Thus, automotive technical experts provide critical insights, which allow our attorneys to deliver superlative […]

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