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VW Touareg Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Reached

Volkswagen vehicle drain valves clog and leak water which damages the air filters and engines. The Volkswagen Touareg class action lawsuit has been reached to a settlement over drain valves that clog and cause water to damage the air filters and engines. The VW class-action lawsuit includes:  “All persons and entities that purchased or leased […]

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Dodge Challenger and Charger Owners File Suit Against Dodge for Rear Differential Problems Putting Driver’s Safety At Risk

A class action lawsuit filed in Delaware is accusing carmaker Dodge of problems with 2015-2019 Dodge Challengers and Chargers that come with V8 engines and are allegedly equipped with a defective rear differential.  The lawsuit, filed on behalf of six vehicle owners, specifically alleges that the rear differential, a part of the rear axle that […]

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ram dealership

Ram Truck Infernos

By: Andrea Plata There are very few vehicle defects as terrifying and dangerous as defects that result in a vehicle fire.  While California consumers have relied on Dodge Ram to produce reliable work trucks for years, recently, a spate of vehicle fires has led to increased concerns about the safety of Ram Trucks and numerous […]

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water pump

BMW’s Defect Water Pumps

By Andrea Plata A water pump is a critical engine component that circulates water and coolant throughout the engine in order to prevent engine overheating.  For years, BMW owners have suffered through repeated failures of their vehicles’ water pumps resulting in costly repairs and resulting damage.  A water pump failure, if not promptly addressed, can […]

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