GM Infotainment System Lawsuit

By: Nicole Halavi Today, vehicle’s electronics, infotainment, GPS, and phone-interface systems are critical to the use, safety, and value of our vehicles. GM has suffered an increasing rash of complaints regarding complaints of unfixable defects in the infotainment systems in many of its vehicle lines. In light of the these complaints GM’s infotainment system, a […]

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A Tesla Model X driving through Silicon Valley

Defects in Self-Driving Vehicles

By: Nicole Halavi Self-Driving cars have become one of the most desirable automobiles for the new generation of automobile enthusiasts. With advanced technologies, drivers essentially become passengers in their own vehicles. Though automakers claim that these innovations are completely safe, self-driving cars have been the subject of many recent accidents and lawsuits. For example, Tesla […]

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GM Ignition Switch Lawsuit

By: Nicole Halavi General Motors is a multinational corporation and has been America’s largest automobile manufacturer for years. It was founded in 1908 and has now grown to be one of the world’s largest multinational corporations specializing in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of vehicles across the globe. Despite its reputable position in the auto […]

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Volkswagon vehicles at dealership

Volkswagen Front Assist Class Action Lawsuit

By: Nicole Halavi Volkswagen, also commonly known as VW, is a German automotive brand founded in 1937 and headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany. Despite its reputable position in the auto market, the brand has attracted numerous consumer complaints that have resulted in class-action lawsuits. For example, a recent class-action lawsuit filed against Volkswagen alleges that several […]

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GMC Acadia shifter

GMC Acadia Shifter Lawsuit

By: Nicole Halavi Despite GM’s popularity in the auto market, the brand has managed to become involved in several lawsuits concerning defects in various GM models. In fact, a recently filed lawsuit against GM alleges that a number of GMC Acadia models were equipped with a defective shifter. If your GM vehicle has exhibited any […]

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Bottom of bright blue Toyota Prius.

Toyota Fuel Pump Class Action Lawsuit

By: Nicole Halavi Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers, producing more than 10 million vehicles each year. They are also a large global leader for hybrid electrical vehicles, encouraging the mass adoption of hybrid vehicles worldwide. Despite the many options Toyota provides to consumers, the auto manufacturer has been subject […]

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Line of Chrysler and Dodge vehicles, Chrysler 300 in focus

Chrysler Oil Consumption Lawsuits

By: Nicole Halavi Chrysler has been one of the biggest automobile manufacturers in the United States since it was founded in 1952. While Chrysler vehicles have been a popular choice amongst consumers, several models have allegedly been exhibiting transmission defects and overall reliability issues. One of the most recent lawsuits filed against FCA concerns a […]

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Chrysler Vehicle’s Frustrating and Dangerous Transmission Defects

By: Nicole Halavi The lawyers at CCA have been helping clients whose Chrysler vehicles have exhibited transmission defects for years. Our clients have complained of a variety of transmission issues, including harsh shifts, poor acceleration, vehicle hesitation, jerky shifts, metal in the transmission fluid, and premature transmission failure. Transmission problems are particularly frustrating because, oftentimes, […]

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Wheel of Jeep Grand Cherokee

132,000 RAM 1500’s and Jeep Grand Cherokee’s Recalled

By Nicole Halavi Jeep and RAM are both popular American automobile brands that are subsidiaries of the Italian American automobile corporation, Fiat Chrysler. Although Jeep and RAM are relatively popular auto brands, both have been targeted in many user complaints concerning engine stalling issues. In recent news, it was revealed that these defects led to […]

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Ford logo on dealership

Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator issues

By: Nicole Halavi The Ford Expedition is a full-size SUV, which was introduced in 1997. Similarly, the Lincoln Navigator is a more luxurious full-size SUV also manufactured and sold by the Ford Motor Company. While both SUVs initially held a reputable position on the market, consumers have recently been complaining of many defects affecting their […]

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