Dodge And Chrysler’s Minivans Hit With Sliding Door Malfunctioning

Dodge and Chrysler’s minivans are again in the news headlines for car functionality issues as the electrical issues and problems in integrated power modules occupy the history of these vehicles. The recent complaints are about the minivan sliding-door-lock defects. Probes by NHTSA and companies’ comments, along with a detailed discussion of the issues, are included in this article.

Chrysler and Dodge Minivans – The Family Admired Vehicles

Chrysler Minivan and Dodge Caravan are perfect for a large family. With the large interior volume, these minivans are considered a family favorite for easy and comfortable long drives. When it comes to purchasing a new car which feature concerns you most? The response of the majority of automobile owners is safety! Both the Dodge and Chrysler minivans are equipped with reliable and properly tested safety features. Moreover, these minivans are honored to receive various impressive safety crash test ratings that further ensure the vehicle’s safety.

The Chrysler variant model Pacifica won the best model award in 2021. It’s available with gas and a hybrid drivetrain, improving gas consumption. After consolidation with Chrysler, FCA shut down the production of some vehicles, including the Dodge Grand Caravan. Although the sales figure is quite reasonable, the Dodge caravan discontinued the production run in 2020.

Car Models with the Malfunctioning

Are all Dodge and Chrysler cars reported to have a problem? According to news sources, the problem has been detected in Chrysler Town and Country minivans and Dodge Grand Caravans manufactured between 2015 and 2019. The minivan owners face serious sliding door issues as the door lock is stuck and fails. The users alleged that the problem frequently develops within the warranty term. In addition to these models, minivans manufactured in 2001 are likewise particularly vulnerable, with repeated sliding-door problems.

Problems Addressed By the Owners – Sliding Door Lock Defects

Dodge and Chrysler minivan customers encountered the following issues:

  • The Dodge Caravan’s rear sliding doors failed to unlock, forcing the passengers to use the front door to come out of the car
  • The Chrysler Town & Country lock system acted up when it remained open and unlatched throughout the drive.
  • A Chrysler owner also reports the automatic sliding door issues; the door is closed spontaneously on the hand of the complainer after she opened it with the car remote.

These manual and automatic lock failures sparks danger in the community of the minivan holders. They are concerned about the minivan sliding door problem’s severe consequences and high safety risksMultiple consumers lodged a complaint with the NHTSA, confirming the commonality of these incidents.

Investigation of the Problem by NHTSA

The seriousness of an issue is measured by the reaction or response of the victims. In the case of an issue under discussion, a total of 365 complaints were filed against the Chrysler and Dodge minivan door lock defects. The owners asserted that each or two sliding door locks of the 2016 Towing & Country Chryslers models and Dodge Caravans were defective and fell over prematurely. Have you ever experienced the minivan sliding door problem? Like dozens of others, if you have suffered too, there is good news then!

The Investigation office started its scrutiny regarding the defects on July 2021. After a thorough inspection of the minivan sliding door problemthe NHTSA discovered that 99 percent of the vehicles in question had reached their expiry time. The subjected minivans were at the age where breakdowns are common. Furthermore, the probe noted that 96 percent of the Dodge and Chrysler minivan sliding door issues arose before 2020 when the cars had been operating for around four years. In concluding remarks, the NHTSA said they did not find any causality, injury, or crash report. However, they will continue to look into the matter for the safety and security of the civilians.

FCA’S Steps Regarding the Minivan Sliding Door Problem

Customers are the backbone of any company. A company’s customers play a central role in its success. Whether a small retailer or a large enterprise, its customers have a core value in the developmental journey of the company. Therefore, listening to and solving your clients’ issues should be one of the prime goals of any company.

Considering these facts, the minivan companies also contributed to addressing and resolving the sliding door issues.

In their first move, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) directed the dealers of the company to change sliding door lock actuators rather than the whole lock system or latch assemblies. FCA gave these instructions through the technical service bulletin issued in June 2020.

Owners have complained further about the vivid buzzing sound produced by the 2016 Chrysler and Dodge minivan door lock functions. To compensate for this sliding door issue, the company has certified its warranty extension for the sliding door lock actuators for 1 million miles or 15 years. This deal was only valid on Dodge and Chrysler’s minivans manufactured from May 1, 2015, to January 9, 2017. Chrysler has also begun informing customers of their new program, which would repay the repair costs initially paid by the minivan owners.

What to Do When You Face Sliding Door Issues?

Have you ever experienced the Chrysler and Dodge minivan door lock breakdown? Sliding door issues are no doubt troublesome incidents and have high safety concerns. Fixing these problems is mandatory to avoid any unwanted encounters.

Following are some of the suggestions to cope with the minivan sliding door problems:

  • Carefully observe your vehicle at the time of lock issue.
  • Take your minivan immediately to the authorized Dodge or Chrysler dealership for repair.
  • Ensure that the approved service dealership appropriately documented your entire case in their record. 
  • Take and secure all the copies of repair receipts.

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