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Air-Conditioning Defects in Jeep and Dodge Vehicles

By: Michael H. Rosenstein

Jeep and Dodge vehicles have recently been the subject of a lawsuit involving claims that certain Jeep and Dodge models; more specifically the Jeep Wrangler, Dodge Journey, Dodge Charger and Dodge Avenger suffer from faulty HVAC systems. The suit claims consumers have experienced many problems with their vehicle’s heating, A/C system, and/or defroster, which cannot be corrected by the manufacturer.

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What are Some of the Heating and A/C Problems in the Jeep and Dodge models?

Over the past several years, there have been numerous complaints and investigations regarding a heating defect in some of the Jeep and Dodge models. The allegations have addressed issues surrounding the car’s heating system, defroster, and air conditioning. Attorneys have been investigating to identify if there is a manufacturing defect that has resulted in the heating/cooling problems in the vehicles.

Below is a partial list of the models that have been significantly affected by the defect:

    • Jeep Wrangler
    • Dodge Avenger
    • Dodge Charger
    • Dodge Journey 

Initial investigations allege that during manufacturing/production, the factories failed to flush the casting sand out of the engine resulting in the defects. As a result, there is residual sand trapped in the cooling system, radiator, heater core, and the oil cooler. The lawsuits allege that these underlying defects could be a significant cause of the heating/cooling problems in these models.

A user of the Jeep Wrangler explained their concern, “I was driving home yesterday and my heat light came on and the bell warning started, I was confused. It was just in for service about a month ago for an oil change. I happened to be about 500 feet from a truck stop when it happened, so I turned in and cut the engine off. It was HOT!  I started it and everything from the radiator just gushed out onto the ground.”

Another similar complaint from a Dodge Avenger user, “When taking long trips the A/C buttons stop working a) the system won’t turn off or b) it won’t bring the air to the right position and C) often the heater will act as a fogger and fog up the windows to the invisibility stage and then you have to stop driving until it clears. This has been going on for a long time and took over a year to address and repair. It only helped temporarily and at the time of that service they caused other electrical damage to other parts.”

What Can I Do if My Jeep or Dodge is Experiencing Heating/Cooling Issues?

If you are facing any trouble with the heating/cooling system in your Dodge or Jeep vehicle, the attorneys at CCA are here to protect you and your vehicle. Our attorneys are experts in handling such cases and are very knowledgeable about the issues affecting your vehicle. Best of all – we will never send you a bill! All of our legal fees are paid for by the manufacturer. 

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