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2021–2023 Ram Truck Models Recalled Over a Rearview Camera Issue

Ram trucks have seen a considerable number of recalls over the past few years based on electrical system problems, faulty fuel pumps, and airbag inflators. Two more recalls were issued in June 2022 by Stellantis concerning the backup camera problem. The defect is in the trailer reverse steering control module (TRSCM), resulting in a blank camera display while reversing the car. The inability of a backup camera to display images could lead to a crash.

Details of the Recall

The Ram truck backup camera recall involves approximately 337,000 vehicles. There are two recalls regarding the backup camera issue: the first recall was in November 2021, which states that the defect prevents the camera from forming a rearview image under certain conditions. The camera fails to form an image due to software in the R1 high radio of the Ram truck. 

In the second recall, the issue is in the trailer steering system, which is meant to help the driver during backing up when the trailer is attached. Some vehicle owners notice a warning light showing in connection with the vehicle’s electric throttle control situated just behind the steering wheel. The following Ram truck models are included in the recall:

  • Ram 1500 pickup trucks launched between the 25th of June 2021 and 2nd of August 2023.
  • Ram 2500 pickup trucks launched between the 7th of August 2021 and the 27th of August 2023. 
  • Ram 3500 cab chassis trucks launched between the 10th of December 2021 and the 27th of June 2023.

How to Fix the Issue?

The Ram dealerships will mail the recall letter on the 17th of November, 2023, to the owners of all recalled vehicles. The dealers will inspect the issue and resolve it without charging any money to the owners. Stellantis is bound to repay all the expenses spent already for fixing the issue by the owners of the Ram trucks that are included in the recall. Moreover, the company will also cover the losses and repairs related to the issue.

How to Check Your Vehicle for Recall?

You will receive the notice from Stellantis via mail, which states the problem and instructions the owner should follow to get the solution. If you don’t receive the email and are unsure whether your vehicle is included in the recall, contact Ram customer service at (800) 853-1403. The LLC number for this recall is 97A, and the NHTSA number is 23V654.

Enter your 17-digit VIN into the NHTSA website. If your truck appears, it means it is included in the recall. On the other hand, if your truck doesn’t appear, it means it is currently not included in the recall. As several recalls are initiated simultaneously, it is recommended to check regularly on the website for an update.

Bottom Line

The Ram trucks involved in this recall have an issue with the backup camera that is associated with the radio software. The display image is not formed, which makes it difficult for the driver to reverse the truck. This put the truck at risk of hitting walls, poles, other vehicles, and even people.

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