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Engine Stalling Issues Lead Mercedes to Recall 143,000 Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz has initiated a recall of 143,000 vehicles due to a safety concern related to defective fuel pumps, which poses a potential risk. The issue was identified when the fuel pump led to shutting down the engine while driving. Mercedes Benz has addressed this issue and will provide a free fuel pump replacement for each recalled vehicle at their authorized dealership.

Major Troubles in Recalled Cars

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has revealed that some models of Mercedes are facing trouble with the fuel pump, which leads to stalling. Before the stall, the owner notices an unexpected engine running, which can later be indicated by the warning lights in the dashboards, making the drive worrisome. As a result of this, the fuel pump shuts off quickly. It is identified that the material of the fuel pump is of low grade. Because of that, the impeller deforms. The impeller becomes anchored to the chamber’s walls and stops it from rotating. Due to this entire process, the fuel pump may fail, potentially resulting in an accident or harm at any point.

Mercedes Stance on This Issue

Mercedes identified the problem in the fuel pump of the engine in some models, which abruptly shut down while driving. Following an investigation into problematic vehicles, they also identified that the material used to manufacture the impeller was inappropriate. Mercedes notified the vehicle owners to have their cars rectified at their authorized dealerships after detecting the faulty fuel pump issue. The dealerships will replace the old, deformed fuel pump with a new, functional one at no cost. 

Recalled Models

Mercedes issued a recall for around 143,000 units of the following models: 

  • GLC (2021/22)
  • GLE (2021/22)
  • GLS (2021/22)
  • G-Class (2021/22)
  • C-Class (2021/22)
  • E-Class (2021/22)
  • S-Class (2021/22)
  • CLS (2021/22)
  • GT sedans (2021/22)

However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that there are 2,031 complaints of fuel pump issues. To address consumer complaints, Mercedes has notified the vehicle owners to visit the dealerships and have their fuel pumps replaced at the earliest to avoid any safety risks.

Identifying Eligibility for Recall

The official website of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) offers a platform where vehicle owners may verify whether their automobiles are subjected to recall by entering their VIN. The Vehicle Identification Number is a 14-digit code written on your car’s registration card or the lower left of your windshield. Enter your car’s VIN on the NHTSA website to check for recalls if you haven’t received any recall notices yet.

Final Thoughts

According to Mercedes-Benz, injuries or automobile crashes have not been reported yet. Car stalling is a serious issue while driving due to its detrimental risks. Owners can check for recalls on the NHTSA website. If you didn’t find your car’s VIN among the recalled vehicles, you can consult with a professional attorney to understand what legal options are available to you. 

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