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Ford 10R80-Speed Transmission Under Fire in New Class-Action Suit

Ford’s 10R80-speed transmission has been a topic of discussion among vehicle owners, with reports of various defects over the years. Another class-action lawsuit was recently filed against the transmission. The lawsuit alleges that Ford is defective and can cause transmission failure. Ford owners need to stay informed about the latest developments and potential impacts. Let’s take a closer look at the lawsuit and how to deal with it. 

Ford’s 10R80-Speed Transmission: A Closer Look

Ford’s 10R80 transmission, introduced in 2017, was supposed to be a major advancement in automatic transmission technology, promising smoother shifting, better fuel efficiency, and increased performance. However, over the past few years, multiple complaints and lawsuits have been filed against the 10R80, alleging issues such as harsh shifting, jerking, lunging, and hesitation when changing gears. Despite multiple recalls addressing some of these issues, a new class-action lawsuit has been filed, putting vehicle occupants at risk.

Class Action Update

As per the update, the class-action lawsuit has been filed against Ford Motor Company over alleged issues with the 10R80 transmission used in some of its popular models. The lineup comprises the F-150, Ford Ranger, Ford Mustang, Ford Expedition, and Lincoln Navigator for model years 2017 to present. The lawsuit filed in Massachusetts claimed that the transmission tends to shift harshly, causing the vehicle to jerk when changing gears. The lawsuit also alleges that Ford has refused to recall or replace the defective transmissions, despite issuing multiple recalls addressing problems with the 10R80. 

Impact on Ford Owners

The impact of the latest class action lawsuit against Ford regarding the alleged defects in its 10R80 transmission could be significant for owners of affected vehicles. If it is successful, you can claim replacement of the defective transmissions. This could be expensive and time-consuming for Ford. However, for affected vehicle owners, it could mean relief from the issues caused by the faulty transmission. Additionally, it could help prevent potential accidents and even save lives.

Response from Ford

Ford has not yet commented on the recent class-action lawsuit regarding their 10R80 transmission. However, in the past, the company has issued recalls for vehicles experiencing problems with this transmission. In 2019, Ford issued a recall for certain F-150 pickups with a potentially faulty transmission torque converter. In 2020, they recalled Ranger and F-150 pickups due to a transmission defect. It is still unclear how Ford will respond to the current lawsuit. Nevertheless, the company has a record of addressing related issues in the past through recalls and repairs. 

Way Forward For Customers

Ford owners affected by the 10R80 transmission issues can take a few actions moving forward. They can join the class-action lawsuit that could result in compensation if the lawsuit is successful. Doing so could prompt a safety investigation and potential recall. Moreover, one can try to connect directly with their dealership to fix issues, although this may not be simple. Owners need to stay informed about any developments regarding the lawsuit. 

Key Takeaways

The Ford 10R80 transmission lawsuit highlights the potential safety hazards that can arise from a defective transmission. So, it’s important for affected owners to understand their legal options. At Lemon Firm, our experienced attorneys have helped many clients recover compensation for manufacturing defects. If you have a similar vehicle issue, contact us for a free consultation and discuss the legal options.

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