Manual transmission shift in a Dodge Dart vehicle.

Dodge Dart Manual Transmission Problems

By: Michael H. Rosenstein, Esq.

The Dodge Dart was manufactured from 1959 to 1976 and was later reintroduced in 2013 after the last Dodge Dart sedan, the Neon, was discontinued in 2005. However, the production of Dodge Dart vehicles has been subject to widespread powertrain related complaints, particularly with regards to the manual transmission. Some of these issues are regarding sluggish acceleration, unstable braking system, and transmission troubles amongst a host of other defects.

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What are Some of the Common Transmission Defects in the Dodge Dart Models?

One widespread defect in the Dodge Dart has been the shifting problems in vehicles equipped with manual transmission. In fact, in 2019, Dodge recalled approximately 298,439 of the 2013-2016 model of Dodge Darts after receiving many complaints regarding multiple defects, especially a significant defect in the transmission shifter cable. A large number of Dart users experienced unexpected transmission failure and the complete stoppage of the system. A user of the Dart SXT explained the issues: “I noticed the car jumped out of gear a couple of times, once on the freeway and another time on the access road. I thought I did something. I do normal driving around town and was out running an errand. The car will shift but will not go into gear. The person that came to tow the vehicle said the linkage was broken. I also had an issue with it going into gear about a week ago. The blower motor has gone out, then the alternator and now the transmission.” Another user of the Dart Rallye faced a similar issue and described it as follows: “While shifting the car into reverse, the gear selector went completely loose. Unable to shift the car out of reverse. Unable to remove the key from the ignition. If the key moved from start to accessories, the gear selector locked up completely.”

Apart from the rough gear shifts and transmission failure, users also noticed a persistent grinding sound while shifting gears; the issue was described by the user of a Dart Areo, “Doing 55 then heard grinding noise like shifting into gear without pushing the clutch in. This car is an automatic !!! 3 seconds later; Service Transmission light came on.”

What Legal Actions Have Been Taken to Address the Transmission Defects in the Dodge Dart Models?

After Dodge Dart drivers made several complaints about the vehicle’s faulty transmission system, a class-action lawsuit arose that will continue its course in court for Dart owners. The original lawsuit included Dart vehicles from all over the nation, but the current version only addresses the cars in California.

What Can I Do if my Dodge Dart is Subject to any Transmission defects?

If you have noticed any of the transmission issues described above, such as sudden transmission failures, rough gear shifts, strange sounds, or any other defects related to the transmission system of your Dart vehicle, please contact our firm. CCA’s attorney’s are some of the most experienced in the lemon law business and will work to provide you with exceptional representation.  Meanwhile, our legal fees and costs are paid only by the automakers – so pursuing your lemon law case with CCA does not cost you anything. 

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