Tesla Owners Are Unhappy With Model X Recalls, Sensitive Data Leaks, and False Supercharging Promises

Data Breach, Recalls, and promises of unlimited supercharging. These are just some of the reasons why Tesla is facing backlash from their owners. Let’s explore the main lawsuits and how it has affected Tesla owners who are left frustrated and angry with the American automaker.

Company Data Breaches

In May 2023 Tesla faced a data breach where thousands of people’s information had been accessed. There could have been better measures to prevent the breach according to reports and any person who provides access to their data should have full confidence that Tesla is handling the data securely.

False Supercharging Promises

Buyers purchased a Model S or X expecting to receive 3 years of unlimited supercharging, but this was not the case. Despite being advertised, Tesla pulled the plug on this offer causing upset to owners who were waiting in line for free charging. There were claims that marketing campaigns provided evidence that the offer was still in place. The class action lawsuit states that “Plaintiff would not have purchased a unit of the products or would have paid a substantially lower price if he had known that the advertising as described herein was false, misleading and deceptive”.

Software Update Affecting Performance

According to reports out of California, Tesla requested a judge to dismiss claims of reduced performance of their Model X and S vehicles after a software update. A lawsuit that’s been lingering on the automaker for a while, Tesla feels that there is no conclusive evidence that performance was reduced from the update. 

Potentially Dangerous Recall for Model X Owners

After a recall earlier this year, Tesla claimed the brake fluid sensors were not calibrated correctly, affecting 54,676 vehicles. The recall claims that “A vehicle controller that does not correctly indicate low brake fluid levels to the customer may impact braking performance and may increase the risk of a collision”. 

The term “recall” has received backlash from Elon Musk if the repair can be resolved with a software update, as was the case with this brake fluid sensor issue. Despite not needing to physically visit a workshop for repair, it would still constitute a “recall” if the parts of the vehicle were not functioning as they should.

Do You Have a Faulty Vehicle? Take Back Control

You could be one of the many Tesla owners facing the same issues with their performance and updates. Many owners continue to be unhappy with the solutions provided by automakers. These problems have the potential to escalate into further legal action, underlining the importance of protecting consumer rights.

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