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Owners Beware: Ford Explorer Bolt Lawsuit Raising Red Flags

Ford has recently faced scrutiny and legal challenges related to its vehicles. This time, The Ford Explorer can be seen under hot waters. There’s something crucial you should know about your trusted ride. It’s a hot topic that’s raising concerns among other Ford owners. To keep yourself and everyone on the road safe, you cannot afford to miss the red flags. If you’re a Ford Explorer owner, brace yourself for potential issues resulting from a recent recall. It’s time to familiarize yourself with the legal complexities you could face. So, let’s dive right in!

Recap of Rear Axle Bolt Recall

Let’s go back in time to a critical moment for Ford Explorer owners – the Rear Axle Bolt Recall. Here are the details: from 2020 to 2022, some Ford Explorer owners faced a worrisome problem. The bolts that held the SUV together, especially in the rear axle, were causing trouble by breaking, which resulted in strong vibrations and even the driveshaft disconnecting. That was a big safety issue. Imagine parking your Explorer, and it decides to roll away on its own!

Ford’s Response

When they got wind of the rear axle bolt problem, they knew they had to do something about it. So, Ford issued a recall. Think of it as a safety alarm. The goal was simple: fix those rear axle bolts that were causing all the trouble. But here’s the big question that we need to address: “Did this response effectively solve the problem?” Allegations claim that Ford was aware of the Explorer issue but delayed safety corrections, choosing to substitute the rear subframe bolt later. A pre-recall service message suggests prior awareness, prompting concerns about potential concealment and the need for further investigation.

Safety Concerns for the Owners

Owners of Ford Explorers with rear axle bolt issues face safety concerns, such as:

  • Your Ford Explorer may unexpectedly vibrate, causing discomfort and safety worries.
  • The risk of the driveshaft disconnecting can lead to your vehicle rolling away when parked, a potential safety issue.
  • Doubts about your Explorer’s trustworthiness can undermine your confidence in its safety.
  • Ensuring the safety of your passengers, especially loved ones, is a top priority.
  • Concerns about your Ford Explorer’s long-term reliability can arise due to these safety issues.

Lawsuit Insights for Owners

The Ford Explorer lawsuit, led by Capstone Law APC, reveals troubling defects in certain recalled models. It highlights a flawed rear subframe design relying solely on the rear axle mounting bolt, which raises concerns, especially for the Explorer ST’s added power. When this bolt breaks, it causes damage to crucial parts. Moreover, the lawsuit suggests this problem may affect models dating back to 2019. Ford Explorer owners dealing with these issues should understand their rights and the legal process. Getting legal guidance can be a smart move to secure safety and peace of mind.

Your Path to Resolution 

Summing it up, Ford Explorer Bolt Lawsuit highlights and emphasizes the safety worries and issues that Ford Explorer owners have been experiencing. Your safety on the road is of utmost importance. If you are facing any issues with your Ford Explorer or other hybrid or EV concerns, contact the Lemon Law Firm to discuss the legal options you have.

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