An Overview of Hyundai & KIA over the Defective Hitch Wiring:

Why Is Your Hitch Wiring Harness Going Bad? 

Despite how safely you drive, how you wear seatbelts, and how well-maintained your car is, if you don’t care about what’s going on inside the boot or the hitch wiring harness, you’ll never be able to fully-guaranteed about security. Moreover, the wiring harness is just as crucial as fuel pumps, engines, suspension systems, etc. Because they can be burned and broken, causing great damage to the car due to the defects in your system. 

But have you ever thought about the reasons your hitch-wiring harness getting faults? You probably are not! That’s why here are a few reasons to let you signify about the malfunction in the hitch wiring of your vehicle.  

Uneven Braking 

The hitch wire, which connects your car’s electrical system to the trailer, might be faulty for various reasons, including difficulty braking. Due to the length of the wire interconnecting each magnet connection, imbalance braking results in inconsistent braking performance at each wheel as it increases the resistance level. This resistance is frequent in automobiles and eventually becomes the cause of faulty hitch wiring because it causes the trailer to twirl when you apply brakes.

Poor Designs

There are five wires for which the trailer of the car is designed. But imagine! What would happen if the designs were poorly built? Of course, they will affect the hitch wiring harness of your vehicle to a greater extent since connecting the hitch to the trailer will become impossible. That’s why poor designs are also among the reasons for faulty hitch wiring.  

Sub-standard Materials

Not all automakers are that honest to use pure copper to do the wiring of your vehicle’s hitch. Because the copper alloy is mainly used for this purpose, it’s definitely a cheap alternative to high-quality copper, but it’s likely to get overheated and break soon. Thus, some automakers use sub-par materials (copper alloy) while manufacturing automobiles, which eventually becomes the reason for the malfunctioning in hitch wiring. 

The First Recall of Hyundai & KIA over the Malfunctioning Tow Wiring

Hyundai and Kia launched their first recalls, affecting almost two million Hyundai Palisades and thirty thousand Kia Tellurides. The problem is that all these vehicles have defective hitch wiring, which might pose a severe risk to automobile owners. As a result, the automaker stated that dirt and dampness could accumulate on a circuit board in the tow hitch wire, resulting in an electrical short and a burn. As a result, car owners have been urged to keep their vehicles outdoors and away from homes and other constructions until the automotive company has fixed them.

However, the auto firm announcing the recall does not imply that it should be mocked or demeaned because of the manufacturing issue. The recalls may be beneficial or harmful. If a firm recalls on its own, it should be commended. The same can be said for Hyundai and Kia, both big automotive industry brands with numerous indisputable global recognitions. 

Our Right Over Defects – How Can You File A Lawsuit Against The Carmakers?

Cars are among the most precious commodities, and one buys them with the expectation that they will last longer. But what if you discovered a flaw a few years ago, and your automobile now spends more time in the shop than on the route? First, seek recalls issued by the automobile manufacturer. It simply means that owners of recalled vehicles have the right to take their vehicles to dealerships and have the problematic parts fixed or replaced for free. Well! Most firms do not do it. Although Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, and others appear to publish recalls frequently.

However, automobile manufacturers do not always recall, and occasionally the problem persists even after treatment. These vehicles are referred to as “lemons” because they feature a flaw that significantly hinders the owner’s ability to drive a vehicle. You are eligible for a refund or a replacement vehicle if you find that your automobile is a lemon. 

Seeking For a Lawyer Regarding Defects, Repairs, and Lawsuits?

Defective car parts can be annoying and can cause major problems. Even you are not safe when you are driving. Auto Justice Attorneys can assist you in resolving such problems. You may have problems finding a professional attorney to file a case, but you no longer need to be concerned. We don’t want to downplay these concerns because we are a lemon law firm that sues automakers. Let’s discuss today if you’ve had any of these problems or others with your hybrid or EV. Because our skilled attorneys at our Lemon Company have successfully recovered compensation for our clients who were sold a car with manufacturing issues, we can do the same for you.

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