Line of Toyota Rav4's at a dealership.

Toyota RAV4 Transmission Problems – Will the 2021 & 2022 RAV4 Improve?

2019 RAV4 Problems

As of December 2021, there were 35 reports of transmission problems reported by RAV4 drivers. One consumer reported that he bought a 2019 RAV4, with 17,500 miles on it, and frequently faced problems with the gears shifting properly. This RAV4 owner took his RAV4 to a Toyota dealership and received a software update to correct the issue. More often than not, these types of software updates are more of a band aid than a fix, as vehicles do not improve over time.

Another driver reported that his RAV4 kept lurching forward at lower speeds, creating an uncertain and potentially hazardous commute on the on ramp to the busy 10 freeway. Shaking and shuttering were common among complaints as well. He was told that the dealership could not duplicate the issue and his vehicle was operating as designed.

According to reports, there were six recall issues for the 2019 RAV4 for problems such as leaking engine coolant, separating suspension arms, backup camera issues, and more. Surprsingly, there weren’t any recalls for transmission problems.

2020 RAV4 Transmission Problems

The 2019 Toyota RAV4 transmission problems were well documented. The universal hope was that the 2020 RAV4 would be an improved model, but we are already seeing too many reports and dissatisfaction. Drivers are facing many issues with the 2020 RAV4; below are some problems:

  • Stumbling Transmission.
  • Lagging Transmission.
  • Leaking Transmission.
  • The fuel gauge doesn’t always work and shows that the fuel tank is empty.
  • The brakes sometimes fail without warning.
  • Alignment/Steering issues

2020 Toyota RAV4 Recalls

The 2020 RAV4 transmission problems haven’t led to any recalls yet. However, here are the 2020 Toyota RAV4 recalls as of April 2021:

  • Some 2020 RAV4s have had engine issues, leak coolant, and it has prompted Toyota to put out a recall that offers some RAV4 owners a whole new engine and engine block free of charge.
  • The front lower suspension arms on some 2020 RAV4s might have cracked in them, and Toyota has agreed to replace these arms free of charge to make them safe again.
  • There are a select few 2020 RAV4s with electric power steering problems that have prompted Toyota to replace the power steering gearboxes in these RAV4s.
  • The fuel pumps in some 2020 RAVs have started to fail and cause engine problems, which has forced Toyota to replace the fuel pump assemblies in them.
  • The steering columns in some 2020 RAV4s may have an impact on the airbags in them, which is why Toyota is offering to replace the steering columns in them.

Has Toyota Fixed The Rav4 Problems?

According to multiple sources, the Toyota RAV4 transmission can be fixed with a software update that was released on April 15th of 2019. However, some owners reported that the transmission problems still occurred after receiving updates from the Toyota dealership and drivers have to take their RAV4 to a dealership to receive the update.

Some consumers have also reported problems with the fuel system.

Final Thoughts

Toyota is renowned worldwide as one of the more reliable car manufacturers, that being said no automaker is exempt from defects off the assembly line and design flaws. When some new models are released the ambition of the manufacturer can exceed the ability and know-how of the service technicians. If your vehicle is in disrepair for over 30 days at the dealership, you have a cause of action against the manufacturer under the California Song Beverly act.

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