Dennis P. v. Ford Motor Company

Kings County

Our client, Dennis P., is a resident of Lemoore, California, and purchased a 2008 Ford F-350 for use as a work truck. Unfortunately for Dennis, after about 25,000 miles, the vehicle developed a series of engine issues, including coolant leaks, strange whiney noises emanating from the engine, oil leaks, and other serious engine problems. Over the course of years, he presented the vehicle to Ford many times for repair and they were unable to fix his engine problems. He also attempted to resolve his problems directly with Ford Motor Company; but they flatly refused to do right by their customer and repurchase his vehicle. When the attorneys at CCA became involved in the case, the Ford Motor Company agreed to pay Dennis significantly more than what he had paid for the troubled F-350 and, of course, paid all of his attorney’s fees and costs as well.