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Fisker Inc. the Automaker With a Complex Past

Fisker has a dramatic history. From declaring bankruptcy, to selling assets to China. The company has seen it all.

But what does it look like today? How can this complex company still operate, and have they produced cars? We’re here to find out.

History of Fisker

The Fisker name was born from the founder, Henrik Fisker, a Danish automotive entrepreneur, and designer. The company was founded in 2007 and produced its first vehicle, the Karma, four years later. The Karma was branded as a “plug-in range extender” which meant an engine charges the battery instead of turning the wheels.

Soon after production began Fisker’s battery supplier, A123 Systems went bankrupt and ceased production of the Karma model. There are estimated to be less than 2,500 Karma’s ever produced and ultimately it was a test run to see if a new hybrid, range extender technology could work.

After the Fisker assets were sold in 2014 to China’s Wanxiang Group, Henrik embarked on another adventure to revive the brand. Fast forward to 2020, four years after “Fisker Inc” was born we see the brand entering the NYSE with a SPAC merger funded by private equity firm Apollo Global Management, as Fisker retained trademarks and naming rights.

With a setup in San Francisco, HQ in Manhattan Beach Los Angeles, software development in India, and a production site in China, Fisker has spread its wings to become a serious automaker, mass producing its first vehicle, the Ocean.

The Fisker Ocean

Fisker announced in 2019 a cutting-edge all-electric SUV that would be released in 2021 -the Fisker Ocean was born. Now we are coming to the end of 2023, the Ocean has just entered mass production, with partner Magna Steyr producing just over 3,000 vehicles (as of early September).

The Ocean looks like a blend of a Kia Niro, Rivian, and Range Rover and has rugged design features. With one of the thinnest rear lights on the market, it turns an eye with its flat rear end, intuitive solar panels, and aero wheels.

Integrated solar panels form part of the Ocean’s core philosophy, Fisker estimates the panels will produce over 1,000 miles of free range per year just using the sun. With sustainable material choices throughout including recycled carpets and plastic bottles with other polymers forming the interior materials.

A range of battery sizes and trim levels are available with the largest Extreme edition equipped with a 113kWh battery translating to 360 miles of EPA range. The Ocean Extreme comes to a starting MSRP of around $70,000, which could be considered expensive. But Fisker has promised a starter Ocean Sport model from just under $40,000.
Fisker Warranty Summary

Fisker has a lot to learn as a new brand. With warranties providing coverage for specific components or aspects of a vehicle for a specified period or mileage limit, depending on which event occurs first.

For example, the Basic New Vehicle Limited Warranty covers the vehicle for 6 years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first. The High Voltage Battery Limited Warranty covers the high voltage battery for 10 years or 100,000 miles, or until the battery reaches a 75% state of health. The warranties vary in coverage, duration, and conditions, protecting different parts of the vehicle.

Customer Issues that resulted in the Vice President’s visit.

The owner of the 1,032nd Fisker Ocean unit faced several issues, including the inability to engage gears other than Park, random forceful braking, a low-quality key fob, non-functional A/C vents, and a malfunctioning “California Mode” (a feature that opens all windows). They contacted Fisker’s support team, and after posting their grievances on Reddit and mentioning invoking Lemon Law, Fisker responded promptly.

Fisker’s senior vice-president personally contacted the owner, sent a team of engineers and a technician to address the problems, and engaged in a comprehensive discussion. Temporary workarounds and fixes were provided for some issues, while plans for potential recalls and part replacements were discussed.

This proactive approach to addressing customer concerns is part of Fisker’s strategy to cater to early adopters and maintain a positive image in the competitive electric vehicle industry.
What if this happens to you?

While a team of engineers and even the vice president of Fisker are involved, many owners continue to be unhappy with the solutions provided by automakers. These problems have the potential to escalate into further legal action, underlining the importance of protecting consumer rights.

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