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Honda Owners File Lawsuit Due to Transmission Problems

California duo was left with a faulty gearbox after just 3 years of ownership.

When buying their new Honda Odyssey in February 2018, California owners Kevin and Anita loved their new purchase. After all, the Honda brand is known for reliability. However, only 3 years later the transmission started to fail.

The Symptoms of the Faulty Transmission

The 9-speed auto transmission, designed and manufactured by ZF, a renowned player in the transmission space, made the driving experience a nightmare. The Honda began jumping back and forth and delayed in shifting gears when driving under 40mph.

Honda Transmission Failure and Possible Causes

The transmission issues are caused by “improper design and/or calibration of the software in control of the transmission, including the transmission and powertrain control modules.” According to the two Honda customers who filed the lawsuit.

How the Owners Tried to Fix the Transmission

Kevin and Anita took their intermittent Honda to a dedicated dealer for investigation. The Honda technicians found no problems and therefore no repairs took place. However being just out of the original manufacturer’s warranty, the complainants had to fork out $218 for the diagnosis.

After the transmission problems were brushed aside, the couple experienced worse issues again in July 2023. Where the transmission “bucked, lagged, illuminated a warning light, shifted into neutral without driver input, and prevented the vehicle’s drive gear from being engaged.” According to the 2 owners.

This meant the transmission had to be replaced, after further shop visits, to diagnose what was an “internal gear failure”, costing the couple over $7,000. Allegedly this still hadn’t fixed the problem…

The lawsuit claims Honda knows about the transmission issue and put in place measures to fix it.

However, the lawsuit claims the fixes do not work.

Experiencing Vehicle Problems Like This? How You Can Take Back Control

There could be many Honda owners facing the same issue with their transmission. While repairs and fixes have been initiated, many owners continue to be unhappy with the solutions provided by automakers. These problems have the potential to escalate into further legal action, underlining the importance of protecting consumer rights.

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