Ford Super Duty

Class Action Alert: Ford’s Defective CP4 Fuel Pumps

Ford trucks equipped with the 6.7L Power Stroke diesel engine are making headlines. As an owner of a Ford vehicle, you may already be aware of the ongoing situation. The root cause of the problem lies with the CP4 fuel pumps, which have been reported since 2011. This has led owners to face costly repairs, engine failures, and financial distress. However, there is still hope for resolution through a legal battle. The class action lawsuit filed against these issues could provide relief for you. Let’s explore this in detail!

Defective CP4 Fuel Pumps

The primary issue concerning CP4 fuel pumps in 2011-present Ford diesel trucks is the presence of metal components that experience friction, leading to the production of damaging metal shavings. These shavings disrupt not only the fuel system but also the engine, an expensive repair if post warranty. For instance, a Texas plaintiff, David Clark, had to pay about $10,000 to repair his vehicle’s engine. After Clark discovered the CP4 pump was indeed the issue, Ford denied his warranty claim for the engine and related costs. This was very concerning to other owners, too.

Owners’ Journey to Justice

Another problem the owners face is the type of diesel fuel used in the USA. The fuel doesn’t provide the required lubrication to CP4 pumps. This results in further complications, as critical components such as the cam and rollers gradually deteriorate. The “Ford Super Duty” has been subjected to various lawsuits due to such issues. Some pickup trucks had troubles, like roof crush and the “death wobble.” Also, its power tailgates didn’t work, and there were problems with its diesel emissions. Owners have joined forces to address these problems through legal means by initiating a class-action lawsuit.

Signs to Look For

Here are some common signs to be mindful of when it comes to detecting issues with CP4 fuel pumps:

  • Notice any abnormal sounds from the engine that you didn’t hear before.
  • If your truck experiences reduced power and no longer performs at its previous level.
  • Watch out for hard starting, rough idle, and loss of power.
  • Beware of fuel leaks, low fuel pressure, and metal particles in the fuel system.
  • Pay attention to warning lights or messages on your dashboard.

Lawsuit Claims

In the lawsuit, it is asserted that the pump’s design mandates a cam and two pumping cylinders, each featuring its own rollers. The expectation is that these elements should seamlessly operate without interruptions, shifting, or adhering. Also, the diesel fuel in the United States lacks sufficient lubrication, resulting in rapid wear and tear of the cam and rollers. This, in turn, leads to the generation of additional metal shavings. The class action lawsuit asserts that an engine replacement is ineffective due to the detrimental impact of U.S. diesel fuel, which can lead to the deterioration of a newly installed engine.

Legal Roadmap for Owners

Now, you know everything about the highlighted issue with your Ford Super Duty CP4 fuel pumps. It’s time to keep a keen check on your engine’s performance by watching out for the abovementioned signs. 

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