1.2 Million Honda Vehicles Recalled Amid Backup Camera Glitch

Honda is under fire over faulty equipment and defective car parts. The company faced exceeding claims over the rear-end camera failure and image disappearance. Now, it is recalling the whooping million plus vehicles to curb that issue.

You must be aware of the issue if you own a Honda vehicle. Read the article and find out the whole story.

Honda Recall Summary

In the mid of June 2023, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) published a recall related to the three models of Honda. This recall applies to almost 1.3 million vehicles, with the major number belonging to the USA (1.2 million). As per the available data, a staggering 273,870 warranty claims linked to rearview camera malfunctions flooded the company’s desk from May 2017 to June 2023. After these claims, the company extended its warranty time. However, the problems continued. Ultimately, the automakers decided to recall some models, including Honda Odyssey (2018/23), Honda Pilot (2019/22), and Honda Passport (2019/23).

The root cause behind the extensive failures (inspection details are described in the next paragraph) has been identified as the improper design of the Communication Coaxial Cable. Thus, necessitating an immediate recall. Luckily, the company did not receive a single report of an accident or injury related to the backup camera dysfunction.

Customer Claims And Company Inspections

Since 2018, drivers have been obliged to use rear-end car cameras. The Honda owners were facing trouble with their backup cameras and reported the following problems:

  • Popping/ crackling sound
  • Screen flicker
  • Complete disappearance of the image

The Japanese automakers took notice, and the company engineers started evaluating the issues. Due to the faulty design, the coaxial cable could not maintain the proper signal transmission. The substandard production process led to the disruption of signal connections between the vehicle’s cable connector and the audio display unit. The power cut to the screen resulted in flickering or camera failure.

The company initiated its efforts against the issue in 2019 by asking suppliers for the cable length increase. Furthermore, waterproof couplers were introduced to curb connectivity issues but all in vain.

Camera Defect’s Impact: Consequences/Risks

The failure of a rear car camera presents a range of risks that compromise overall driving safety, rearward visibility, and parking abilities.

  • Increased chances of collision: Sudden stoppage of malfunction of the backend camera will intensify the risk of unwanted accidents and car bumping into obstacles or individuals.
  • Parking problems: Loss of rearview cause trouble in car parking, especially in crowded areas or narrow spaces.
  • Reversing risks: The failure of the rear camera is a major safety risk while reversing. The cross-traffic or properties, like fences or walls, might go unnoticed by the driver, resulting in collisions, injuries, and costly repairs.

Bottom Line

The affected consumers can bring their cars to the dealerships. Dealers are asked to install improved cables and straightening covers on connectors. 

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