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Fire Hazards of Polaris RZRs: Off-Road Vehicles Recalls

It is true that for many individuals worldwide, Polaris signifies excitement and experience in their everyday lives. The Polaris started evolving UTVs in 2007 with the aim of developing the utmost fanatic sports vehicle. However, no one can deny their unparalleled brilliance in UTVs. Because of these impeccable vehicles, Polaris has become essential in people’s daily lives. In addition, the Polaris released the unrivaled beast, i.e., the RZR PRO XP, in 2019, which is the most recent monarch of this range. However, in recent years Polaris industries had a major issue with the Polaris RZRs vehicles causing fire hazards that led to injuries and deaths. Therefore, this caused a number of recalls of Polaris RZRs.

Recall Insights of Polaris Off-Road Vehicles

The recall of the off-road vehicles by Polaris includes the PRO XP 4 Turbo Ultimate, Premium, and Sports models 2021-2022. This recall took place voluntarily by Polaris under the fast-track Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) method of recall. In order to provide solutions to prevent customers from certain hazards. All of the vehicles that Polaris recalled were in 5 different colors: green, orange, white, black, and graphite. On the other hand, these sold vehicles were in four-seat configurations. The front grille has a Polaris imprint on it, while the sides of the vehicle have stamps of RZR and Polaris. The model label is on the edges of the frame. Additionally, there is a VIN on the left side of its rear wheel.

Problems Appeared In Polaris RZRs

Although Polaris is a prominent name in the off-road vehicle market, its product still has some flaws. Firstly, the main reason for recalling the Polaris RZR vehicles is the fire risk. There are cases where the vehicle caught fire while driving at high speed. In this regard, several injury and death reports came front. Secondly, the trouble with the air intake of this RZR vehicle raises serious questions about its rating. The air filters let the dust penetrate inside the motor. It makes the user dissipate all the potential following the acceleration. Thirdly, it is hard to believe how the owner of the RZR vehicle complained about a dead battery. However, a couple of factors can hinder it, such as the wrong installation of the wiring or high temperature. The stock battery of the Polaris off-road vehicle is not capable of providing enough power to devices like light bars, stereos, winches, and others. 

Why Polaris Went Through Numerous Recalls?

The cause behind the numerous recalls of the globally renowned Off-Road Vehicles Company is the dereliction of duty. Despite ensuring definite checks about 100% safety for its usage, the company delivers the vehicle to the market knowing that any error can occur that might be a threat to human life. On the contrary, there appear to be a number of lawsuits against the Polaris Company. Having said that, Polaris was held liable to its customers for the harm caused. Significantly, it is their utmost responsibility to give clarification about their vehicles catching fire. Also, explain the necessary design modifications that aim to promise safety. 

One-Stop Ride/Stop Sale Command from Polaris

In previous years, there have been multiple recalls of different RZR vehicle models, with few recalls due to fire hazards. However, there is a stop ride/stop sale command for the Polaris RZRs PRO XP 4 in 2021-2022. As discussed earlier, the reasons for fire hazards are due to oil drainage, dead batteries, overturning, and others. Keeping this in mind, the Polaris Company has also received hefty penalties for the risk of death and injury. In that response, the company recalled the RZR vehicles to bring about certain changes in those models.

What Is The Pervasiveness Of The Certain Problem?

Recall is the mainstay of the manufacturing process. Polaris has received several complaints on this; it has not happened for the first time. As per the reports of CPSC, Polaris has thorough knowledge about its RZRs being defective and causing harm to its owners. Though, the company did not bother to inform the agency of the issues promptly. By the time it could take action, there were already several cases of fire hazards. Therefore, to resolve this problem, NHTSA is increasing its insight to move rapidly upon discovering the defects. 

What Action Can Consumers Take?

The CPSC has conveyed that the clients with the mentioned VINs should stop using the Polaris off-road vehicles. Most importantly, the customer should never execute any type of repair and maintenance that leads to the involvement of corresponding parts, namely heat shield washers, gaskets, brake pads, and others. In addition, they should demand Polaris to fix the product damages. In return, the vehicle company will take the responsibility of performing essential steps that enables the safety of their vehicles.

How to Prevent Polaris RZRs from Fire Hazards?

The problems that are associated with the Polaris RZRs are mostly ingrained in the vehicle. Howbeit, it can occur due to human-caused errors as well. Here are the actions that can be taken to minimize the risk of fire hazards. Coming to the solution to these problems, the dual battery system can be established. In this way, this battery configuration can boost additional accessories while the main battery can make sure about constant side-by-side activation at any point. Aside from this, one can buy robust OEM post-market automotive parts. It will give you a smooth drive while postponing the wear and tear, no matter how roughly the vehicle is used. 


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