Butte County

Butte County

Why would anyone want to own a Lemon In the land of Natural Wealth and beauty? Second statewide in Rice, Walnut, Prune, Kiwifruit, and pecan acreage, the 2021 census calculated near 200,000 Californian’s call Butte County home. Lassen National Forest as well as Plumas National Forest extend into Butte County which is also adjacent to Tahoe National Forest. If you reside in Chico, Oroville, Butte Valley, Paradise, or Gridley and think you may be driving a defective vehicle, call the (833) Lemon-Firm for a free consultation today.

CCA Firm Representing Butte County Consumers for Lemon Law 

Driving a lemon vehicle can be frustrating, time-consuming and dangerous. California lemon law and federal warranty law give you rights if your new vehicle or used vehicle has had more than three repairs for the same problem or been in the repair shop for 30 days or more under warranty. 

Get free help for your lemon vehicle from CCA Lemon Law Firm, where we have fought hundreds of lemon law cases and recovered millions of dollars for our consumers. Attorney fees and costs are paid by the automobile manufacturer, not you.

What Are Your Consumer’s Rights under California’s Lemon Law? 

If you bought a new vehicle and now you have experienced numerous repairs and defects that won’t stop, you might be the victim of a lemon purchase. That means you could get compensation under California’s lemon law. 

The compensation you might qualify for includes:

If issues are found, a complete purchase refund (including registration fees, downpayment and repair costs), replacement vehicle from manufacturer and legal fees of our attorney. 

Qualifications for compensation under California’s Lemon Law:

 Steady Defects are Present – A steady defect is one that your warranty might cover but the defect downgraded the value of your vehicle or poses a significant safety risk. 

Vehicle Is Not Repaired after Number Of Reasonable Attempts – You must take your vehicle to the repair shop and allow the manufacturer or dealer to repair substantial problems. If after several reasonable repairs, the defect couldn’t fix, you are eligible for lemon rights. If defects involve safety features such as faulty airbags, it only requires one repair attempt before for lemon rights. Also if your vehicle remains in the repair shop for too long, it might be classified as a lemon.

When your vehicle meets the above criteria, you can seek compensation under the CA’s Lemon Law. However, you should never attempt to file a Lemon Law claim against manufacturers and dealerships, it can hurt you. At CCA Lemon Law Firm, we fight for your rights for free and get the compensation, you deserve. 

At The CCA Lemon Firm, our experienced attorneys have successfully recovered your vehicle’s complete history compensation for our clients who were sold a vehicle that did not perform as intended, and we can do the same for you.

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