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Ford Super Duty Fuel Pump Flaws Result in Class Action

Filed on July 20th, 2023, another class action lawsuit has Ford Motor Company executives defending the automaker’s integrity in the face of a well-documented, widespread manufacturing defect. In this instance, the defect was noticed long ago, in 2011, and all the vehicles equipped with 6.7L Power Stroke engines contained defective CP4 fuel pumps. Even after covering a few miles, the defective pump began to exhibit poor performance. One of the contributing factors to this defect is the sub-optimal performance of CP4 fuel pumps within the United States. These pumps require sufficient lubrication from the fuel. However, the fuel is relatively dry, which creates the issue.

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Defective CP4 Fuel Pumps

The Ford trucks in question are equipped with CP4 fuel pumps that are reported to be defective, posing dangers not only to the vehicles but also raising environmental concerns. The CP4 fuel pumps consist of metallic components that come into contact, resulting in friction. This friction produces metallic shavings, posing a potential hazard to the engine’s fuel system and ignition properties.

Claims and Allegations

The lawsuit was filed by Texas prosecutor David Clark, who purchased a 2020 Ford F-350 6.7L Power Stroke diesel truck. After running 23,000 miles, the issues with the CP4 fuel pump emerged, consequently decreasing the truck’s performance. The sudden engine shut down eventually prompted him to have the truck towed to a dealership for inspection. After a thorough inspection, he was told that the root cause was the CP4 Fuel pump. Despite the evident defect, Ford refused to honor the warranty claim, resulting in Clark incurring a total cost of $12,838 for the damages.

Ford’s Deceptive Practices

Ford concealed the CP4 fuel pump problem, selling trucks with known defects and burdening consumers with expensive repairs. The issue prompted lawsuits, with Texas residents filing against Ford. Numerous Ford truck owners grapple with engine failures caused by these deceptive practices. The resulting repairs not only consume valuable time but also prove ineffective in offering a permanent resolution to the underlying issue.

Impacted Models

This lawsuit covers all trucks made after 2011 fitted with 6.7L Power Stroke diesel engines. These trucks have CP4 fuel pumps that operate at high pressure and are claimed to be faulty. If you own one of these trucks, the issues with these fuel pumps might worry you. They could cause problems with how your truck runs and might also be costly to fix. 


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