Tehama County

The 2020 Department of Agriculture County crop report stated that Almonds, Beef Cattle, Table Olives, and Prunes were 4 of the top 5 in value for the Counties agricultural production. That said, Walnuts were by far and away the #1, just shy of 90 million in value.  Red Bluff is a marketing center for the livestock and farm produce (particularly peaches) of the upper Sacramento River valley. Lumbering and wood industries are also important. The Red Bluff Roundup is a popular rodeo held annually in April that celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2021. If Tehama, Red Bluff, Corning, or Rancho Tehama Reserve are among your stomping grounds we are here to help.

Is Your Vehicle a Lemon?

If you own a lemon, commuting in Tehama County frustrating. Life is too short to spend it repair shops or broken down in the middle of the road. What qualifies your vehicle as a lemon? Check below:

  • Reasonable Number of Repair Attempts
  • Time Out of Service
  • Type of Warranty Repairs

Call us for a free consultation and one of our specialists will quickly determine whether or not your vehicle qualifies – at no charge to you.

How Can CCA Lemon Law Firm Tehama Help with Lemon Law Case?

You should never go through the lemon law process without an attorney.

Hiring a Tehama County lemon law attorney is key to protecting your consumer rights because we understand the law. If your car or vehicle has a recurring problem that can’t be fixed within a reasonable number of attempts, arm yourself with an experienced lemon law attorney and get a favorable lemon claim outcome without doing anything.

If an issue is found with your vehicle, you may receive cash compensation, a vehicle replacement, or a full refund. If you win, the automobile manufacturer may give you these remedies and cover your attorney’s fees and costs.

However, it is difficult to get these remedies if you are trying to process the legal issues without help. If you reside in Tehama County and you suspect that you are driving a lemon, fill out our form or call us at 833-Lemon-Firm for a free consultation.

Our goal is to advocate for the rights of vehicle owners in every California county. If your vehicle is always in the shop for repairs and seems to constantly break down even after you just had it fixed, your vehicle may have manufacturing defects – Your vehicle may be a lemon.

At The Lemon Firm, our experienced attorneys have been able to successfully recover compensation for our clients who were sold a vehicle that did not perform as intended and we can do the same for you.

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