Colusa County

Colusa County

Agriculture continues to be Colusa County’s major producing industry. The 2020 gross production value for agriculture was $932,963,00 with hundreds of millions of pounds of rice and Almonds to all corners of the globe. According to the 2020 census just over 21,000 Californians reside in Colusa which makes it the 50th most populated count in the state.

About Us

Colusa County’s Lemon Law Firm – CCA

CCA – is the premier Lemon Firm in Santa Joaquin County. We are dedicated to quality; we understand the automobile law and we pride ourselves on having honest relationships with our clients.

“At CCA – 100% of our firm’s fees and costs are paid by the automakers – if we don’t get you a recovery, you pay nothing.”

Our goal is to advocate for the rights of vehicle owners in Colusa County. If your vehicle is always in the shop for repairs and seems to constantly break down even after you just had it fixed, your vehicle may have manufacturing defects – Your vehicle may be a lemon.

At The Lemon Firm, our experienced attorneys have been able to successfully recover compensation for our clients who were sold a vehicle that did not perform as intended and we can do the same for you.

Experienced, Trusted Colusa County Lemon Law Attorneys

You have a right to trust that your new car or vehicle is safe and free of defects, flaws and deficiencies. After all, the hefty monthly payment you’re paying should guarantee these. Our lemon law attorney will help to ensure that you are driving the vehicle you are paying for.

If you are experiencing persistent issues with your new car or vehicle, you have rights. Let our experienced and trusted lemon law attorney in Colusa County fight for your rights against vehicle manufacturers or dealerships if you are driving a vehicle. This includes coverage of legal process fees, meaning you pay nothing out of your pocket.

Contact our Experienced Colusa County Lemon Law Attorneys 

If you feel you may have a viable claim under the California lemon law, turn to CCA– The Lemon Firm to handle your claim.  We have achieved significant settlements for our clients in Orange County and favorable jury verdicts maintaining our reputation as California’s premier consumer advocacy practice. Please contact our office today to discuss your claim with an experienced lemon law attorney.

Please call us at 833-Lemon-Firm or complete the free consult request form