Honda and Acura Crossover SUVs Accused As Rear Windows Shatter Without Warning

Acura RDX and Honda HR-V are facing a backlash due to the sudden breakage of the rear glass windscreen. A class action lawsuit filed in October of 2023 alleges that the back windows of these vehicles are shattering due to faults in the electrical defrosters, putting the safety of passengers at risk and affecting the usage of the vehicle. 

Rear Window Cracking Issue

The spontaneous cracking of the rear windows in Acura RDX and Honda HR-V vehicles depicts that the issue lies in the manufacturing material and the installation of flawed rear windows. This issue has created a major safety concern among users as the glass can shatter at any moment for no apparent cause, either moving or at rest. The owners spoke openly about the unsettling sound of windows cracking, some likening it to a gunshot. At the same time, the resulting shards of glass posed potential hazards, adding an urgency to the need for safety in handling this issue.

Complaints and Legal Actions

More than 100 owners have reported on different platforms. The issue has been raised since 2020 as plaintiffs are fighting this case for those who bought an Acura RDX from 2019 to 2023 and a 2023 Honda HR-V. Plaintiffs claim that Acura and Honda were aware of this issue, but instead of addressing it, they neglected to inform the consumers. Honda refused to cover damage under warranty, which left owners to pay high amounts for repair. Meanwhile, Acura is replacing the same defective rear windows. The window could break and shatter any time, leading to safety concerns for everyone inside or outside the vehicle.

Legal Proceedings Update

As of the latest update, an Acura representative avoided answering any questions regarding this lawsuit. The plaintiffs and legal representatives are trying their best against Honda and Acura. According to the lawsuit, the problem might affect other safety components, such as seatbelts and airbags, due to sudden shattering, rendering them ineffective in emergency situations. Consumers must avoid purchasing faulty vehicles. Additionally, Honda should have informed consumers about this issue and provided compensation under the warranty.


The case highlights the importance of manufacturer accountability and consumer safety. As time passes, affectees are looking forward to the result of the lawsuit for the solution and compensation. The lawsuit is crucial in addressing the problem and highlights the importance of closely following its progress. It’s crucial to stay updated on the case not only to know the outcome but also to support and protect consumer rights amid safety concerns in the automotive industry.

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