Chrysler Pacifica’s Stalling Defects Led the Company to Another Class-Action

Have you ever been a buyer of Chrysler? Your family might love the over-commodious minivan with beautiful looks. However, this car company has undergone several lawsuits regarding different malfunction issues. Today, we are going to discuss the stalling issues of the Chrysler Pacifica. The problem has landed the company in another class-action case.

Chrysler Pacifica – An Equally Comfortable and Cargo-Space Minivan

A spacious and comfortable vehicle must be your top priority if you have a big family. Since its inception in 1925, the Chrysler brand has pleased customers with unique designs, artistry, insightful inventions, and technology. The Chrysler model Pacifica is adorned with its high-end family features and versatile exteriors. This 8-seater minivan won the parents’ trust regarding safety, interior volume, convenient features, etc. It has been proven that this family-admired vehicle has been picked up for “Parents’ Best Family Car 2022” for the 3rd time in a row. 

The rear fold-flat seats are an extra benefit for shuttling cargo along with people. Amazon Fire TV compatibility and back occupant alert are the latest and appreciable features of the 2022 Pacifica. This minivan provides entertainment and reliable protection on long drives and family trips. 

Minivan Issues That Lead to a Lawsuit

How did a great car like the Chrysler Pacifica hit a class-action case? Unfortunately, it’s true! The owners of Chrysler have faced some irrefutable problems. The Chrysler Pacifica lawsuit was filed as a result of the following issues with the minivan:

  • The major problem was stalling. Consumers reported that the Chrysler Pacifica car stalls or shuts off during the drive. These stalling defects are due to the design faults of the 9-speed transmission in car engines.
  • The minivan stops functioning upon a complete loss of power. The driver of the car lost control of the steering wheel and could not modify the vehicle’s speed.
  • The customers considered the stalling of minivans a challenging and potentially damageable issue.
  • Above all, all the drivers indicated that the problem arose without any prior indication.

Class Action in 2017 and 2018

On behalf of the issues mentioned above, a lawsuit was filed against FCA (a company producing many cars, including the Chrysler Pacifica) in December 2017. The plaintiff accused the Chrysler Pacifica car of stalling and its engine shutting down. He claimed that the synchronization between the crankshaft position and engine timing had been lost, causing the car engine to hold up and stall. Moreover, the minivan reflected signal transmission issues, leading to the sudden power loss and idleness, the case filer continued. 

Another class-action case was filed just after a year. The constant stalling defects caused the subsequent Chrysler Pacifica lawsuit in October 2018. Following the 2017 lawsuit, FCA recalled their customers for updating the software of minivans to solve transmission issues. However, the plaintiffs in the latter case alleged that:

  • There was no improvement in the stalling problem even after the software update. The drivers faced similar issues afterward.
  • The new software is nothing but merely a repackaged tech application, the case filer claimed, which was available before the recall. 
  • Furthermore, the lawsuit document alleged that the company was already aware of the stalling problem, but instead of addressing and solving that issue, the FCA dealership covered the symptoms or even denied the car’s power issues.

How Could a Lawsuit Help?

This lawsuit could help consumers in the following ways:

  • The court could have asked the company to extend the warranties of the Chrysler Pacifica.
  • The company might be asked to repair all the defective cars free of charge.
  • Ban the company from selling defective cars until the problem is solved.
  • The court could have asked the FCA to notify its consumers about the claimed defect.

Let’s see the remarks of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles regarding the allegations in the stalled class-action case.

FCA Statement Regarding the Lawsuit

The NHTSA has initiated an official inquiry into the Chrysler Pacifica. There were 57 complaints to the NHTSA regarding power breakdowns. All these complaints and investigations forced the FCA to take action. Finally, on January 12, 2018, the company recalled the Chrysler owners for a software update of the car. The company accepted that the stalling problem resulted from faulty software, causing the power steering to stick and increasing the chances of road accidents. As the company failed to overcome the problem, it was hit by another class action. The lawsuit was more effective and fruitful for the customers of Chrysler Pacifica. Even though the company refused all the allegations of misdeeds, FCA shook hands on the settlement. 

Chrysler Minivan Stalling Lawsuit Settlement

The Chrysler Pacifica car-stall lawsuit has reached an agreement for the models of 2017-2021. The settlement was made for the minivans supplied with 9-speed automatic transmissions and 3.6-liter V6 engines. The company has agreed to increase the warranty period of the crankshaft sensor of the minivan to five years or 60,000 miles, which was only three years previously. Moreover, the Chrysler Pacifica lawsuit causes the FCA to give reimbursements. The corporation is obliged to compensate its customers who updated their crankshaft position sensors on their own. The car owner is required to bring the repair slips to claim their refund. The settlement document mentioned that the above indemnification would only apply to those Pacifica minivans leased or purchased five years before the agreed date. 

Chrysler Pacifica car stalls have also provided Chrysler owners the benefit of replacing their cars. This class action case allowed the class members to file a lawsuit against FCA for replacing their minivans. The plaintiff can file the case in the settlement’s arbitration program depending upon the extent of the stalling defect and the claimant’s state of lemon law.

Bottom Line

Whereas the stalling defects of the Chrysler Pacifica depleted the repute of FCA, it also led to compensation orders of more than $80,000 to the attorney and $20,000 to the two claimants. The final hearing in the Chrysler Pacifica lawsuit will be held on February 15, 2023. In the event the settlement is approved, it may benefit you to opt out of the class can file an individual claim against the manufacturer for a more substantial and deserving recompense.

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