Ford Bronco Under NHTSA Investigation for Catastrophic Engine Failure

The 2021 Ford Bronco is now the focus of the NHTSA investigation after 32 bronco owners complained of alarming engine failure experiences.

“Under normal driving conditions without warning the vehicle may experience a loss of motive power without restart due to catastrophic engine failure related to a faulty valve within 2.7 L Eco-Boost Engines,” according to the NHTSA report. 

As per the reports, a number of 2021 Ford Bronco owners are having problems with their twin-turbocharged 2.7L V6 EcoBoost powerplants, mainly caused by valve-related issues. 

Although the ultimate cause of the issue has yet to be discovered, the scale of the damage is such that the automaker may have to completely replace the engine after this issue presents itself.

“We are aware of a select number of engines with this concern, and we are investigating,” Ford told The Drive in April. “If any customers are experiencing issues, they will be covered under the vehicle’s 5-year, 60,000-mile powertrain warranty.”

With owners allegedly losing power while driving, it is a concern beyond the financial one. A sudden, catastrophic engine failure while driving could increase the risk of an accident occurring.

Documents filed by Ford with NHTSA say 25,538 vehicles may have this problem.

Alarming customer experiences

The Bronco is receiving huge reports from drivers who have experienced the said engine failure. As of May 31, 2022, there are 50 reported vehicles – some are as young as 3 miles while others have almost 7,000 miles. Here are some alarming customer experiences.

  • “Was driving my son to school, maybe 30 mph when all of a sudden I heard some clicking noises from the engine,” one complaint reads. “The power dropped, and I was barely able to pull over to the side of the busy road out of harm’s way. Engine dead. Only warning lights I got were a forward sensor failure and then a message telling me to pull over put it in park and restart. I tried but I was not able to restart, the starter fired but didn’t seem to engage with anything. Got towed to the dealer. Dealer confirmed a dropped valve and engine failure. Awaiting a replacement engine.”
  • “After 625 miles the low engine oil pressure alert came on. Had vehicle towed to dealership. After inspection they stated the engine will need to be replaced. It has now been two months and I’m still waiting for my vehicle to be repaired,” another owner said.
  • “At 2,000 miles the engine dropped a valve. Vehicle has already received a new engine. Vehicle shut off running down the interstate.”
  • “broke down with 2058 miles. Flashing engine light, strong fumes smell and vigorously shaking. Ford customer care said there’s nothing they could do. Not even a loaner for a $63k vehicle.”

Not the first Bronco recall

The 2021 Bronco has two recalls already – one was issued in October for potentially 553 vehicles for passenger airbag deployment problems and another was issued in December for a misaligned radar module that could prevent the vehicle from maintaining a safe distance from vehicles while using adaptive cruise control.

In addition, the NHTSA said, “The automatic braking system may react slowly, or not react at all, during a pre-collision assist braking event.”

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