GMC Acadia Shifter Lawsuit

By: Nicole Halavi

Despite GM’s popularity in the auto market, the brand has managed to become involved in several lawsuits concerning defects in various GM models. In fact, a recently filed lawsuit against GM alleges that a number of GMC Acadia models were equipped with a defective shifter.

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What are the Issues in the GMC Acadia that led to a Lawsuit?

Several users have filed complaints against General Motors alleging their vehicles exhibited issues that caused the “shift to park” message to appear when the vehicle failed to detect the transmission has been shifted to “PARK” mode. The issue eventually led to a class-action lawsuit filed by Plaintiff Rilla Jefferson on behalf of former and current GMC Acadia owners in Tennessee.

Acadia owners claim that the defective gear shifter prevents them from shutting or locking the vehicle properly. According to the lawsuit, the message appears even though the shifters are in PARK, which ultimately drains the car’s battery. The lawsuit alleges that GM has repeatedly concealed this issue in order to keep Acadias’ on the market at a competitive price.

According to the lawsuit, after purchasing her new 2017 GMC Acadia, Ms. Jefferson began to notice several defects in her vehicle, one of which being a problem with the gear shifter. She visited several GM dealers, but none provided her with sufficient repair.

An owner of the 2018 GMC Acadia explained the issue as follows: “The problem seems to be like everyone else. When you park and shift to park and turn off the car you get a message that you need to shift to park. I have to shift back and forth several times before it thinks the car is in park. If the car is not in park it stays on and drains the battery. Once I got the car back from the dealership after about a week the problem is still occurring.”

Another complaint from an owner of the 2017 GMC Acadia stated the following: “The shift to park comes on after parking the car in the drive way, I have to play with the gear or put the car in drive and attempt to drive it sometimes or if I’m in a hurry the alarm goes off and the batter remains on the alarm goes off if not in park this is a very annoying problem where the dealership says they can’t duplicate. Which is a bunch of bull crap because it happens every time I cut the truck off: I just brought the car a few months ago it would have been nice to see this before leaving the lot !”

What Can I Do if My GMC Acadia is Subject to the Problems Discussed Above?

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