Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator issues

By: Nicole Halavi

The Ford Expedition is a full-size SUV, which was introduced in 1997. Similarly, the Lincoln Navigator is a more luxurious full-size SUV also manufactured and sold by the Ford Motor Company. While both SUVs initially held a reputable position on the market, consumers have recently been complaining of many defects affecting their Expeditions and Navigators.

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What are Common Issues in the Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator?

Common issues affecting Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator vehicles include electrical issues, engine issues and transmission issues.  For instance, on owner of a 2017 Expedition, described having serious transmission issues: “Car will downshift to 1st gear, engine RPM will go to 8000, and loss of power. This is a major concern with winter coming on, when one travels on ice or snow and car decides to downshift, guess what, one will wreck!! has been to two dealerships for a total of 23 days and they can’t find anything. No codes are stored. Also, from time to time when starting all electrical power will come on but no start.” 

Similarly, Navigator owners have complained of wide-ranging engine issues. As one Bakersfield resident described her problems with her 2018 Navigator, “My car has been in the shop more times than I can count. I had just had the entire tranny rebuilt, got the car back after 2.5 months in the shop and the internet/hot spot system went bad, and then I noticed this knocking, loud noise on a cold start. My car was in the shop for almost 2 weeks. I got it back with a new internet system but am waiting on the phasers because they are back-ordered. This is beyond ridiculous.”

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What Recent Recalls Have Been Issued for the Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator?

In recent news, it has been revealed that 2800 SUVs, including the Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator, have been recalled due to an issue with the attachment brackets on the driver’s side that may not have been welded properly. According to reports, the headrests on the 2020 models appear to violate federal safety standards as they would not protect the occupants in an accident. A Ford supplier found there was excessive movement in the headrests due to the dispositioned attachment bracket. The supplier found that there were multiple issues with penetration of the welds into the headrest bracket. However, Ford clarified that there hadn’t been any accidents or crashes reported due to the headrest problem.

Here is an excerpt from a complaint regarding the headrest issue:

“The driver’s headrest (and front passenger headrest) is set at such a forward angle that my head is pushed forward, causing pain in my neck. After talking with an orthopedic about the probably long-term issues with pressure on my head caused by the headrest, I was assured of creating a chronic physical neck problem. The headrest angle needs to be adjusted/tilted back slightly to provide just enough space for normal head movement while driving without constant contact with the headrest.” – Ford Expedition 4WD 6-cyl

A plethora of similar issues have been reported prior to this recall. The recall was expected to begin in early July this year. Ultimately, the automakers are responsible for inspecting the issues with your vehicle and timely providing you with a solution.

What Can I Do if My SUV is Subject to Any of the Defects Mentioned Above?

If your Lincoln Navigator or Ford Expedition has exhibited any problems described above, such as issues the headrest, CCA’s lawyers are here to help – and at no cost to you! CCA is equipped with a strong team of lawyers who are trained to handle complicated lemon law cases and get you the relief you deserve.

If your vehicle has been exhibiting any defects or issues, please contact our experts for a free consultation at (833) LEMON-FIRM.

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