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If you have purchased or leased a new or used automobile in California that has been plagued by defects, your vehicle may be a “lemon.” Under California’s lemon law, you have the right to pursue a claim to obtain a replacement vehicle or a refund. It often takes a highly skilled lemon law attorney to effectively enforce your rights. That’s where we come in. Better yet, all of our attorneys’ fees are paid by the manufacturer so there’s absolutely no risk in contacting us for a consultation about your lemon.

Luis C. v. Ford Motor Company
Riverside County

Our client, Luis C. purchased a troubled 2012 Ford Fiesta in August of 2011 from Gosch Ford Lincoln. Luis’s Fiesta was one of the countless Fords plagued by the troubled Ford DPS6 transmission. Like many other Ford customers, he found that the vehicle exhibited transmission grinding, hesitations, harsh shifts, shuddering, and other transmission issues. Despite taking it in for service over six times, Ford was unable to correct Luis’s Fiesta’s problems. We had the great pleasure of representing Luis C. in his case against Ford Motor Company in Riverside County Superior Court. Thanks to our zealous advocacy, Ford Motor Company ultimately settled the case for over five times what Luis C. had paid for the Fiesta. Naturally, Ford Motor Company also paid every dollar of Luis C.’s attorney’s fees and costs.

Chelsea F. v. Ford Motor Company
Ventura County

Our client, Chelsea F. resides in Westlake Village, California, and purchased her 2013 Ford Fiesta from Kemp Ford, hoping for a reliable car to get her to and from work every day. Like countless other Ford Fiestas, Chelsea saw her vehicle develop serious and scary transmission issues, such as transmission grinding, shuddering, hesitating, and other such issues. We represented Chelsea in Ventura County Superior Court in her claims against Ford Motor Company. Fortunately, after litigating the case, Ford Motor Company relented and offered to pay her over four times what she paid for the car. Of course, Ford Motor Company also picked up the bill for all of her attorney’s fees and costs as part of the negotiated settlement.

What Makes Us Different From Other Firms?

Simply put, CCA starts where other less experienced lemon law firms stop. While other firms boast that they can get their clients’ vehicles repurchased, we achieve that and a lot more for our clients such as a cash settlement, a brand new car or a complete refund of the purchase price. Our firm’s founder is a seasoned and reputed trial attorney which makes automakers want to settle with us quickly to avoid costly litigation. This helps us earn faster and higher settlements for our clients. And remember…

At CCA – 100% of our firm’s fees and costs are paid by the automakers – if we don’t get you a recovery, you pay nothing.

How do I know if my vehicle is a lemon?

California’s lemon law is one of the strongest consumer laws in the nation and provides consumers with powerful legal protections. If your vehicle has been in the shop an unreasonable number of times for warranty issues, is not the same quality as other vehicles, or has had its value, use, or safety compromised due to defects, then may likely qualify as a lemon. In California, manufacturers must replace or repurchase vehicles when they cannot repair them after a reasonable number of repair attempts. If the defect cannot be resolved after a reasonable number of attempts, the manufacturer must replace the vehicle with a new one or refund your money.

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