Serious Injury Risk with Polaris and Bombardier Snowmobiles – Take Action Today

Four reports of puncture wounds has caused a recall of 15,900 units of Polaris recreational vehicles thanks to a design mistake.

Recalls occur all the time with products. In Polaris’s case, their snowmobile 2022-2023 MATRYX PRO RMK and MATRYX RMK KHAOS models have a design flaw that causes wounds if they come into contact with your body. 

What has caused the Polaris and Bombardier Snowmobile recalls?

The design of the handlebar hooks have caused four incidents of puncture wounds, with a further cause for concern with the main injector fuel return hose causing potential leaks. Users can check if their model is affected by a recall by using their snowmobiles VIN on Polaris’ website:

The affected vehicles have “POLARIS” or “KHAOS” stamped on the front side paneling and were sold by Polaris dealers from December 2019 – April 2023 between $13,300 and $22,000. This follows another recall in May 2023 – Polaris have the potential to lose customers who are frustrated with multiple recalls and safety concerns with their products.

What to do next with your Polaris and Bombardier Snowmobile?

Stop using the snowmobiles immediately and arrange an authorized dealer to fix the issue free of charge. Polaris are issuing free replacement handlebar hooks which could be installed at home or by an authorized Polaris dealer.

How can I be protected as a consumer for incidents like this in the future?

At Lemon Law, we take consumer protection seriously. Irresponsible manufacturers like Polaris are causing puncture wounds to their users thanks to a design flaw with their handlebars. Your safety should not be compromised and left to chance, which is why our leading California Consumer Attorneys are here to help. 

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