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California Consumer Attorneys, P.C. Celebrates Landmark Victory in Lemon Law Trial

Los Angeles, California – California Consumer Attorneys, P.C. (“CCA”) is thrilled to announce a significant victory in a recent lemon law trial, marking a milestone in consumer protection and legal advocacy. The trial underscores the firm’s unwavering commitment to championing consumers’ rights and holding manufacturers accountable for defective products.

In this Trial, CCA attorneys Michael H. Rosenstein and James P. Martinez represented Akop Terzian, who had purchased a defective 2019 BMW 850i that exhibited persistent mechanical issues despite numerous repair attempts by the manufacturer. Under the lemon law statutes, consumers are entitled to a replacement vehicle or a refund if their vehicle suffers from substantial defects that impair its safety, value, or use.

Throughout the trial, CCA’s lawyers meticulously presented compelling evidence demonstrating the extent of the defects and the manufacturer’s failure to rectify them adequately. Leveraging their expertise in lemon law litigation and years of trial experience, the firm’s attorneys skillfully navigated complex legal proceedings, advocating tirelessly on behalf of their client.

The verdict, delivered in favor of Mr. Terzian, not only secures justice for the individual but also sets a precedent for future cases involving similar circumstances. CCA’s success in this trial exemplifies their proficiency in navigating the intricate nuances of lemon law, providing clients with effective legal representation and recourse against corporate negligence. This result was particularly significant because BMW never offered a reasonable settlement to Mr. Terzian before the trial.

”We are immensely gratified by the outcome of this trial,” said Michael Rosenstein, a partner at CCA. “Our client’s perseverance in seeking justice serves as a testament to the importance of consumer rights protection. This victory reinforces our dedication to advocating for individuals who have been adversely impacted by defective vehicles.” CCA remains steadfast in its commitment to upholding the rights of consumers and ensuring accountability within the automotive industry. Their track record of success in lemon law cases underscores their reputation as a premier legal resource for individuals facing challenges with defective vehicles.

For more information about CCA and its legal services, visit or contact Seth Manders at (310) 872-2600.

California Central District Court
Akop Terzian v. BMW of North America, LLC et al
Case Number: 2:22-cv-02454

California Consumer Attorneys PC Welcomes New Attorney to Practice

Los Angeles, California – California Consumer Attorneys PC – CCA – is excited to introduce a new member to our esteemed team of attorneys. Mitchel Brim, joining us as an associate attorney, brings a wealth of experience to our team handling all aspects of lemon law litigation. With over 13 years of civil litigation experience, Mitchel has been a staunch advocate for California consumers, representing consumers in a wide range of lemon law claims.

From the initial stages to the final verdict, Mitchel is well-versed in all aspects of litigation. He has a proven track record of prosecuting and defending depositions throughout his career and has argued for various types of motions in courts across California, including those related to the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act. Mitchel has prepared cases for trial against various major manufacturers, including Mercedes-Benz USA, BMW North America, Ford Motor Company, Hyundai Motor America, Kia Motors America, and FCA.

Before practicing law, Mitchel graduated from Pitzer College, one of the prestigious Claremont Colleges, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business. He also received his law degree from Southwestern School of Law, earning a CALI Award in Negotiating and Counseling. Even before he was licensed to practice law in California, Mitchel had made significant contributions to the legal field, having published an article and drafted an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Please join us in welcoming Mitchel Brim to our team!


Los Angeles-based law firm, California Consumer Attorneys, P.C. (“CCA”) announced today that it will remain open and fully operational during the current public health emergency.  CCA announced that it has successfully relocated its attorneys and staff to remote workplaces and that, therefore, its business operations will continue in full force throughout the current Coronavirus crisis.

CCA partner, Sepehr Daghighian commented that, “During these challenging financial times, CCA has made a commitment to its clients and to the general public that it will continue to provide exemplary legal representation to California consumers.  Our attorneys and staff understand that now more than ever consumers need zealous advocates on their side to stand up for them against major corporations. Therefore, we will continue to serve the public by wholly maintaining our legal operations throughout the current public health crisis.”  

CCA’s announcement notes that, while its employees will be working remotely; nonetheless, they will provide the same excellent service to all of their clients and prospective clients as they did before the Coronavirus crisis.  Also, while court closures may impact some activities, CCA will continue to work diligently on all aspects of consumer protection litigation throughout the public health emergency. 

CCA partner, Michael Rosenstein, noted that, “California consumers are being pressured like never before – to live on reduced or no pay while making car payments on vehicles that don’t work, are defective, or are unfixable.  The automakers, meanwhile, fail to keep up with their warranty commitments and turn a blind eye to consumers in need. Therefore, our expert attorneys and staff remain committed to work with any California consumers needing lemon law help, in order to make sure that they receive the foremost legal representation.  We will continue to represent California’s consumers at no charge to them against large automakers throughout this crisis.”   

California Consumer Attorneys, P.C. may be contacted through their website at or at (833) LEMON-FIRM. 

California Consumer Attorneys, P.C. Announces New Lemon Law Lawsuits Against Numerous Automobile Manufacturers

Los Angeles, California. 10/15/2019.

Los Angeles based attorneys California Consumer Attorneys, P.C. (“CCA”) announced today that it has brought several lemon-law lawsuits on behalf of California consumers against numerous major automakers, such as FCA US LLC, Hyundai Motor America, Mercedes-Benz USA, and others. The lawsuits were filed by CCA in the Superior Court of California for the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Tulare, Riverside, and others.

CCA partner Michael H. Rosenstein, Esq. commented that, “the recent round of lawsuits filed by CCA is part of our ongoing efforts to advocate for California consumers throughout the state. In each of the cases that we filed, our clients were sold a defective or unfixable vehicle and the manufacturer patently refused to do right by its customer by voluntarily repurchasing the vehicle. In each of these cases, my legal team and I will pursue justice tirelessly and, with the aid of the strong consumer protections afforded by California’s Song-Beverly Act, will obtain a superlative outcome for our clients.”

CCA’s recent lawsuits include Reynoso, et. al. v. FCA US LLC, et al., Tulare County Superior Court Case No. VCU28059, which alleges that FCA US LLC sold Ms. Reynoso and her daughter Mr. Barba a 2018 Dodge Journey that suffered serious defects and nonconformities to warranty. According to the Complaint, the Plaintiff’s vehicle suffered transmission jerking issues, problems going into gear, illuminated check engine lights and other issues. The Complaint seeks damages and civil penalties because the Dodge Journey could not be fixed after a reasonable number of repair attempts and because FCA allegedly willfully violated the Song-Beverly Act.

CCA also recently filed Karr v. Mercedes-Benz USA in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Case No.: 19STCV34312. The Karr matter concerns a used 2010 Mercedes-Benz S400 which according to court documents is alleged to have suffered a wide variety of warranty issues such as engine problems, electrical issues, suspension issues, and other vehicle malfunctions. The Karr matter seeks monetary damages against Mercedes-Benz under four separate causes of action: (1) Violation of Song-Beverly Act – Breach of Express Warranty; (2) Violation of Song-Beverly Act – Breach of Implied Warranty; (3) Violation of Song-Beverly Act Section 1793.2(b); and (4) Violation of the Song-Beverly Act Section 1793.22 – Tanner Consumer Protection Act. The matter is assigned to the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Downtown Los Angeles.

The lawyers at CCA also brought suit against Hyundai Motor America in the matter Sajovetz v. Hyundai, which was filed in Orange County Superior Court. According to CCA partner Michael H. Rosenstein, “the Sajovetz matter is a case where clearly the vehicle’s distributor Hyundai Motor America has failed its client. The Sajovetz vehicle suffered so many serious issues that undoubtedly it qualifies as a lemon and should have been taken off the road by Hyundai long ago. We are honored and pleased that Ms. Sajovetz has selected CCA as her counsel and my team will work diligently to finally achieve justice for her.”

California Consumer Attorneys, P.C. is a Los Angeles-based law firm that provides lemon-law services to the consumer throughout the state of California. The firm’s attorneys and staff are experienced professionals that have represented consumers in virtually every California county and against almost every large automaker. To learn more about CCA’s services, visit or call: (833) LEMON-FIRM.