polaris rzr in desert

Fire Hazards of Polaris RZRs: Off-Road Vehicles Recalls

It is true that for many individuals worldwide, Polaris signifies excitement and experience in their everyday lives. The Polaris started evolving UTVs in 2007 with the aim of developing the utmost fanatic sports vehicle. However, no one can deny their unparalleled brilliance in UTVs. Because of these impeccable vehicles, Polaris has become essential in people’s […]

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Person filing a lemon claim without a car.

Carmax Under Investigation After Spike In Lemon Complaints

CarMax has been the subject of increased scrutiny due to the massive number of complaints alleging that lemons are being sold at its dealerships. Several customers accused CarMax of selling cars with major defects without informing them before purchase. The investigation began when authorities learned that consumers may not have been aware of unrepaired and […]

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Yet Another Class Action Case Against Nissan For The CVT Transmission Defect

Nissan is facing a lawsuit by a class of consumers who allege that the company sold vehicles with faulty continuously variable transmissions (CVTs). According to the legal action, Nissan allegedly misrepresented and concealed the defect, which has caused extensive transmission problems and reduced vehicle performance. In this article, we’ll look at the details of this […]

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Ford Motor’s Water Pump Failure

Due to their reliability, endurance, and fast consumer service, Ford has a large number of customer chains worldwide that blindly use and trust their automobiles. But during the following last year, cars, whether they belonged to Ford, Hyundai, Toyota, or any other company, frequently seemed to have manufacturing defaults that were even unrepairable due to […]

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Mercedes logo

Mercedes M274 Engine Defect Causing Headaches For Owners

A complaint has been filed against Mercedes for a catastrophic defect in its vehicles that could result in a disastrous engine failure. Filed in New Jersey federal court, it alleges that the engine pistons in certain 2015 – 2016 Mercedes vehicles equipped with M274 turbocharged 4-cylinder engine models are prone to cracking and breaking, resulting […]

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