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The city of San Bernardino, California, occupies much of the San Bernardino Valley which indigenous tribespeople originally referred to as “The Valley of the Cupped Hand of God”. San Bernardino is perhaps most famous for lying along Route 66, probably one of the most iconic roads in the entire world. Whether you refer to the area as San Bernardino as “SB”, “San Berdoo”, “Berdoo”, “Gate City”, “City on the Move”, “The Friendly City” or “The Heart of Southern California”, we’re your Lemon firm.

CCA Firm Representing San Bernardino County Consumers for Lemon Law 

Driving a lemon vehicle can be frustrating, time-consuming, and dangerous. California lemon law and federal warranty law give you rights if your new vehicle or used vehicle has had more than three repairs for the same problem or been in the repair shop for 30 days or more under warranty. 

Get free help for your lemon vehicle from CCA Lemon Law Firm, where we have fought hundreds of lemon law cases and recovered millions of dollars for our consumers. Attorney fees and costs are paid by the automobile manufacturer, not you.

Experienced, Trusted San Bernardino County Lemon Law Attorneys

You have a right to trust that your new car or vehicle is safe and free of defects, flaws, and deficiencies. After all, the hefty monthly payment you’re paying should guarantee these. Our lemon law attorney will help to ensure that you are driving the vehicle you are paying for.

If you are experiencing persistent issues with your new car or vehicle, you have rights. Let our experienced and trusted lemon law attorney in San Bernardino County fight for your rights against vehicle manufacturers or dealerships if you are driving a vehicle. This includes coverage of legal process fees, meaning you pay nothing out of your pocket.

San Bernardino County’s CCA Lemon Law Firm

CCA – is one of the premier Lemon Firms serving In San Bernardino County. We are dedicated to quality, understand the automobile law, and pride ourselves on having honest relationships with our clients.

“At CCA – 100% of our firm’s fees and costs are paid by the automakers – if we don’t get you a recovery, you pay nothing.”

Our goal is to advocate for the rights of vehicle owners in San Bernardino. If your vehicle is always in the shop for repairs and seems to constantly break down even after you just had it fixed, your vehicle may have manufacturing defects – Your vehicle may be a lemon.

At The Lemon Firm, our experienced attorneys have successfully recovered your vehicle’s complete history compensation for our clients who were sold a vehicle that did not perform as intended, and we can do the same for you.