Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County is the most populous county in the United States with over six million licensed drivers on the road. Living in a city like Los Angeles where owning a car is essential, it is important to be prepared when trouble strikes. CCA – The Lemon Law Firm is a premier consumer advocacy practice dedicated to representing auto consumer struggling with defective vehicles. 

Dealing with a defective vehicle can be a hassle. Our experienced Los Angeles County attorneys are experts with California’s lemon laws. Lemon laws are state laws that protect consumers and provide remedies for defective vehicles that fail to meet quality standards. Our lawyers will work with you to go over your vehicle’s repair history and determine whether you have a valid claim. Our firm offers free consultations and will not collect a fee until we win your lemon law case or settle your claim. Contact our office today for a free consultation. 

How the California Lemon Law Protects Los Angeles Auto Consumers 

The Song Beverly Consumer Protection Act is California’s lemon law. The lemon law sets forth legal remedies for certain warranty defects. Consumers are entitled to legal remedies under the statute when warranty defects cannot be repaired after a reasonable number of attempts or when a vehicle has been out of service for 30 days or more. 

Under the statute, the defect must be a substantial impairment to the performance, value, or safety of the vehicle. This is the case more often than you would think, with automakers often falling short of what is promised under consumer warranty. 

Our experienced Los Angeles County lemon law attorneys will work with you to compile a record of all repairs and work out all of the necessary details to bring your claim. We work tirelessly for our clients and have a history of obtaining maximum compensation in settlements with automakers. 

Types of Recovery in Los Angeles County Lemon Law Claims 

There are various possible outcomes for a claim if your vehicle qualifies under the California lemon law. Under the California lemon law, the automaker must offer to either, (1) replace your defective vehicle with a new one, (2) repurchase the vehicle and deduct the mileage offset from the purchase price, or (3) refund the purchase price. The automaker may also be liable to you for any incidental damages such as any monies paid for rental cars. And again, the lemon law allows consumers to recover for any attorney’s fees, which means you pay nothing. 

How CCA – The Lemon Firm Can Help 

The auto industry is a billion-dollar industry, and these companies are backed by powerful teams of lawyers, that is why it is important to work with experienced attorneys. At CCA – The Lemon Firm, we are dedicated to handling lemon law claims in California and are our attorneys are experienced in going up against the automaker.  

At CCA – The Lemon Firm, we know all of the tricks used by automakers to avoid paying consumers and we know how to fight back.  We leverage our knowledge and experience to recover the maximum compensation for our clients. 

Contact our Experienced Los Angeles County Lemon Law Attorneys 

If you feel you may have a viable claim under the California lemon law, turn to CAA – The Lemon Firm to handle your claim.  We have achieved significant settlements for our clients in Los Angeles County and favorable jury verdicts maintaining our reputation as California’s premier consumer advocacy practice. Please call us at 833-Lemon-Firm or complete the free consult request form https://thelemonfirm.com/contact/