El Dorado County

El Dorado County

El Dorado, originally known as Mud Springs, was an important camp on the old Carson Emigrant Trail. When James W. Marshall discovered gold in Coloma, this area of California became known as “El Dorado” which translates in Spanish as “The Golden”. If you are a resident of El Dorado Hills, Placerville, South Lake Tahoe, Cameron Park or Coloma and have experienced numerous problems with your vehicle, CCA the lemon Firm is happy to help. 

Experienced, Trusted El Dorado County Lemon Law Attorneys

You have a right to trust that your new car or vehicle is safe and free of defects, flaws and deficiencies. After all, the hefty monthly payment you’re paying should guarantee these. Our lemon law attorney will help to ensure that you are driving the vehicle you are paying for.

If you are experiencing persistent issues with your new car or vehicle, you have rights. Let our experienced and trusted lemon law attorney in El Dorado County fight for your rights against vehicle manufacturers or dealerships if you are driving a vehicle. This includes coverage of legal process fees, meaning you pay nothing out of your pocket.

Is Your Vehicle a Lemon?

If you own a lemon, commuting in El Dorado County frustrating. Life is too short to spend it repair shops or broken down in the middle of the road. What qualifies your vehicle as a lemon? Check below:

  • Reasonable Number of Repair Attempts
  • Time Out of Service
  • Type of Warranty Repairs

At The Lemon Firm, our experienced attorneys have been able to successfully recover compensation for our clients who were sold a vehicle that did not perform as intended and we can do the same for you.

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