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Alameda County

Alameda County California was established in 1853. The County was created from the territory of two counties created in 1850: Contra Costa and Santa Clara. In 1869 the Alameda Terminal made history as the first Transcontinental railroad to reach the shores of San Francisco Bay, making it the first in North America. If you live in Oakland, Fremont, Berkeley, or any other part of Alameda County, CCA the Lemon Firm can help you.

How the California Lemon Law Protects Almeda County Auto Consumers 

As a consumer, you are protected under federal and state lemon law against lemon automobiles. However, they also have complex processes and requirements. Fortunately, the Alameda lemon law attorneys at CCA law firm have significant experience in both federal and California lemon law. Our lemon attorney in Alameda County will work hard to defend your consumer rights and can get you reasonable compensation if you win the case.

You mustn’t try to handle your lemon vehicle cases yourself. Filing a case against automakers and auto dealerships is risky and expensive. Having skilled Alameda lemon law attorneys can help you fight with these giants and win.

What Qualifies a Vehicle as a Lemon?

Our professional lemon law expert in Alameda will help you determine if your vehicle is a lemon or not. Finding and talking to an expert attorney is the best course of action if you feel your vehicle might be a lemon. However, before you reach out to an attorney, please check the below causes:

  • If your vehicle has a reasonable number of repairs attempted and can’t fix the issue.
  • The vehicle was under manufacturer warranty when the problem started.
  • If the problem is impacted in terms of safety and value.

If yes, you may have a lemon vehicle. Our attorney will help you with lemon law and the lemon journey. Contact us now to discuss your case!

How Can a CCA Law Firm In Alameda Help You?

You should never go through the lemon law process without an attorney.

If an issue is found with your vehicle and you win the case, the automobile manufacturer will pay cash compensation, a vehicle replacement, or a full refund. Also, the automobile company will pay for your attorney’s legal fees. That means if you need to retain the services of CCA lemon Law Firm in Alameda County, it won’t cost you any money and our fees are paid out once we win your case.

Contact our Experienced Alameda County Lemon Law Attorneys 

If you feel you may have a viable claim under the California lemon law, turn to CCA– The Lemon Firm to handle your claim.  We have achieved significant settlements for our clients in Orange County and favorable jury verdicts maintaining our reputation as California’s premier consumer advocacy practice. Please contact our office today to discuss your claim with an experienced lemon law attorney, (833) LEMON – FIRM or