Chevy Bolt Litigation Settlement Confirmed at $150M 

General Motors and LG have reached a class action settlement with Chevy Bolt owners after claims of faulty batteries.

History Behind the Settlement

A host of plaintiffs have accused the US automaker of faulty batteries across a series of Chevrolet Bolt vehicles. Reports indicate an issue with a fully charged battery pack which causes it to overheat. This increases the risk of a fire and is a danger to owners, occupants, and anyone nearby.

Which Models Are Affected?

Over 100,000 models are affected by the overheating issue and are subject to a recall from GM. If you drive a Chevy Bolt manufactured between 2017 and 2022 then your model is affected. 

What GM Are Doing to Resolve the Issue

GM has announced a recall for affected models. Each will have installed an advanced N2.2 battery or software upgrades which keep an eye on battery health on those vehicles already with N2.2 batteries.

Over 22,000 Chevy Bolts with N2.2 batteries already installed will continue to receive battery updates. These vehicles are manufactured between 2020 and 2022. However, the update will restrict the maximum battery charge to 80% for the first 6,214 miles after the software is installed. During this time, the batteries will be closely monitored for defects and if it is deemed to be faulty, battery packs will be replaced free of charge.

Details on the Settlement

Although the settlement has been reached in principle, no dates have been set as to when the deadline to submit a claim or exclude yourself will be. The final approval hearing will take place no earlier than 180 days after preliminary approval is granted. 

What we know for certain is $150 million will be distributed to the affected owners who may receive up to $1,400 according to the Michigan East District Court document, provided they performed the update before Dec 31st, 2023. Also, those who sold or terminated their lease before the software update, and those who already received battery updates will receive a minimum of $700, according to the filing.

Chevrolet announced a stop to their debut EV last year to make way for a host of revised and updated models. Adding to the host of issues that Bolt owners faced, in 2021 the company announced a billion-dollar campaign to mitigate fire risks in the Bolt. This recall caused the US automaker to shut down production for over six months.

How Chevy Bolt Owners Can Take Back Control

While recalls and settlements have been communicated to owners, many continue to be unhappy with the solutions provided by automakers. These problems have the potential to escalate into further legal action, just like this – underlining the importance of protecting consumer rights.

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