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Tesla Faces Challenges Over Faulty 2023 Model S, X, and Y Vehicles

Tesla faces yet another challenge related to its 2023 Model S, X, and Y vehicles as they receive a surge of complaints from disappointed car owners. The complaint appears to be a software issue, as one of the main driving functions has been reported unreliable by some. This could pose major safety concerns and put its passengers in a precarious position.

Identifying the Fault

Tesla faces disappointment over its 2023 car models S, X, and Y. The models seemed to have malfunctioning backup cameras. The faulty software system includes versions from 2023.44.30 to 2023.44.30.6, or 2023.44.100. While featuring computer system 4.0, owners of Tesla vehicles can verify the software versions (installed in their cars) by themselves.

The Rear-view Camera Issue

A software issue seems to have arisen, which stops the rear-view camera from displaying. The problem was brought into the spotlight in December after Tesla received numerous complaints in this regard. The concern is that this could raise the chance of accidents and threats to passengers’ safety, as stated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). 

Actions Taken by Tesla

After the company received numerous complaints, it called out for a recall. Nearly 200,000 Tesla cars were recalled, including 2023 Models S, X, and Y, which were installed with self-driving technology allowing for autopilot mode. With 1.8 million vehicles delivered in 2023, according to Tesla, this recall represented more than 10% of the company’s annual production. Tesla has addressed 81 warranty claims up until now that might be connected to the problem.

Authorities stated that to address the issue, the company has already made available the free over-the-air software update. In addition, notification letters to the owners will be sent out separately via mail by 22nd March. 

Issued Faced by Tesla in the Past

Regulators have recognized other Tesla software issues in the past. Over the years, the company has recalled several vehicles due to software issues, the last one occurring in December, just six weeks before the latest recall, and involved over 2 million vehicles. Tesla has continuously reduced its prices to maintain high sales volume. Although deliveries have increased by 38%, the company’s revenue has barely increased.


After learning about the issue in December, the company decided to make a recall on 12th January. According to the Company and NHTSA, no incidents, injuries, or fatalities have been linked to the issue. Nonetheless, addressing the problem remains a priority.

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