General Motors

Engine Stalling Forces GM to Recall Chevy Equinox & Terrain

General Motors has announced a recall for certain models of Chevy Equinox recently. The recall is due to a fuel pump flow issue that could cause the engine to stall, increasing the risk of an accident. To ensure your safety, it’s crucial for Equinox owners to determine if their vehicle is subject to a recall and take necessary measures.

A Brief Overview

The recall covers models from 2021 to 2022 having contamination in the fuel pump that can restrict its flow, leading to stalling or failure. The issue can cause safety hazards for drivers and passengers. Therefore, it is essential for Chevy Equinox owners to learn and understand the details of the recall. Moreover, the GMC Terrain 2022 model is also being recalled as it is affected by the same issue with its engine. The recall involves replacing the affected fuel pumps to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

Which Vehicles Are Affected by the Recall?

The recall affected more than 23,000 vehicles. So, make sure your vehicle is not at risk for any potential fuel pump-related issues. GM has stated that the issue will be fixed free of cost by replacing the fuel pump module. The company will make sure that the vehicles meet safety standards. 

The following vehicle models are affected by the recall: 

  • Chevy Equinox 2021
  • Chevy Equinox 2022
  • GMC Terrain 2022

Possible Implications Arising from Fuel Pump Flow Issue

The recall of Chevy Equinox due to an inadequate fuel pump flow issue raises concerns about the potential consequences of such a problem. One of the major consequences of this issue is the risk of engine stalling. It may cause accidents. Furthermore, the problem can lead to an engine misfire. As a result, it can decrease power and acceleration. Fuel pump flow issues can also cause fuel pressure to drop. Ultimately, it will affect the proper functioning of the fuel injection system. In addition, prolonged driving with an inadequate fuel pump flow can cause internal engine damage.

How to Assess If Your Vehicle Is Affected?

It’s crucial to stay informed about any potential issues with your vehicle. To assess whether your vehicle is affected, check the VIN on NHTSA official site and cross-reference it with the recall list. Additionally, if you experience difficulty starting or reduced performance, take it to the mechanic for inspection. Remember that it’s better to be proactive and address issues in time.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the recall due to engine stalling is a serious issue that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The safety of people should always be a priority for manufacturers. Customers with vehicles affected should contact their local dealerships immediately for a free repair. Car owners must stay informed about recalls and take immediate action if they suspect any vehicle issues. 

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