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Recall by Fiat Chrysler: Addressing Powertrain Software Issue in Ram Pickup

FCA US has issued a recall on Ram 1500 pickup trucks manufactured in 2021 due to a powertrain software issue. Owners of the recalled vehicles have reportedly claimed that the software control for some systems may be malfunctioning due to a coding error. Specifically, dealerships will replace the power steering pump control module and ducted fan motor control module. This could result in reduced steering effectiveness or loss of electrical power. It is unknown at this time if the RAM 2022 and 2023 models with 5.7 engines will be recalled, and unclear if parts will be available this year.

Overview of the Recall

The recall was called after (FCA) received reports of trucks stalling while idling at slow speeds. Chrysler claimed that no crashes or injuries were found to be linked to this problem, but they are investigating the root cause. The company said it would repair vehicles equipped with certain powertrain control systems starting in June 2023. The software upgrade will be free; in this regard, owners will be notified soon. Furthermore, the recall affects certain 2021 Ram pickups with a 5.7L eTorque engine.

In response to the powertrain software issue, FCA is actively notifying affected vehicle owners of the recall via mail, informing them of the software issue and the necessary steps to address it. Much like past FCA, Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep recalls, it’s safe to assume there may be a shortage of parts and subsequent recalls forthcoming.

Uncovering the Software Issue

The affected trucks reportedly have a Transmission Control Module (TCM) that controls how quickly the transmission shifts gears. The TCM is connected to a software system that can potentially cause it to lose communication with other components. The software was not installed correctly during the assembly of the vehicle. As a result, it lost communication with other components like the engine control module and vehicle electronics. Eventually, the TCM slows or stops shifting gears completely.

Affected Models and Safety Implications

FCA US has issued a recall affecting 131,700 Ram 1500 pickup trucks produced in 2021. The recall stems from a powertrain software issue that could potentially impact the safety and performance of these vehicles. The software flaw causes the engine to shut down abruptly, endangering the driver’s safety. If you own a 2021 Ram 1500 pickup truck, it’s vital to stay informed about this recall to take the necessary action to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Final Thoughts

This recall indicates Fiat’s inability to protect the security and satisfaction of its customers. This recall serves as yet another warning to RAM owners to stay informed and watchful of any potential safety risks.

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