Audi A8, S8, and Q4 e-tron Airbag Folding Issues Lead to a Recall

Audi is known for its luxury vehicles and SUVs. Having a history of about 100 years with its elegant and innovative models and unique features, Audi is a brand of class and splendor. However, three of the models of this Ingolstadt-based company are facing a recall upon critical safety concerns of folding and tearing of airbags. Read the article for more details!

Recall Details from the Company

During the safety tests of the Audi Q4 e-Tron, the manufacturers came across a serious safety issue. The curtain airbag of that model was damaged and torn apart in the conformity tests. A similar type of defect was found in Audi A8 and S8. The inability of these vehicles to properly fold their airbags during the test drives forced the company to issue a recall. These recalls were issued through NHTSA and asked the dealerships to take proper measures.

Problems Reported After the Test

The following issues were detected by the test engineers in A8, S8, and Q4 e-Tron models:

  • During deployment, the door seal of the Q4 model might become distorted, releasing the metallic inlay within the seal and tearing up the airbag.
  • In addition to safety risk, this airbag problem is against the ejection mitigation’s safety standard #226.
  • A8 and S8 models by Audi car manufacturers have airbag folding faults, which again have serious consequences during accidents and car crashes.
  • The impact of incorrect airbag folding is serious for children and short people as the possible force of inflating airbags imposes greater injury threats.

Number of Units Recalled By Audi Manufacturers

Audi automakers have confirmed that they are unaware of any complaints, claims, or accident reports regarding airbag faults in the aforementioned models. For safety concerns, the company has recalled more than four thousand units of Q4 e-Tron manufactured between 2022 and 2023. If we talk about the A8 model, 692 units manufactured from May 3, 2022, to December 7, 2022, are subject to recall.

After detecting the S8 airbag problem, 355 units (2022) were given recall. A statement issued by Audi denotes that all the models produced after December 7, 2022, are damage-free and meet all the safety standards.

Measures Were Taken By Automakers to Mitigate the Problem

After all the tests and problem identifications, Audi makers have given relief to their customers. In the Q4 e-Tron, the company has decided to install cloth tape in the B-pillar areas of the front seats to keep the door seal intact. You can contact the closest dealership and ask for the repair. For A8 and S8 models, the company ordered the dealership to replace the airbag modules of the front passenger seats.

Bottom Line

Airbags are the major life savers in every car crash. The problem in such a critical part is a major setback in luxury vehicles. If you are the owner of any of the above-mentioned car models and facing the problem, you can contact the expert attorneys of Lemon firm. 

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