Safety Concern: Vehicles Recalled By Honda Due to Faulty Seatbelts

Honda recently announced the recalling of 500,000 vehicles, mainly including Accords, Odysseys, and CR-Vs. The issue was related to unlatching the seatbelt, making drivers prone to harmful accidents or injuries. In their official report, Honda stated that the coating on the buckle is likely to get ruined after a while, along with the ineffectiveness of the release button. Over a period of nearly 3 years, Honda received 300 warranty claims regarding this problem. However, no serious injuries were reported at the time, so the cars were not recalled previously. 

Car Models That Are Recalled

These are the main Honda models that you should look out for: 

  1. 2018/19 Honda Accord Hybrid 
  2. 2018/19 Honda Accord 
  3. 2019 Honda Insight 
  4. 2018/19 Honda Odyssey
  5. 2017/20 Honda CR-V 

Damages That Defective Seatbelts Can cause

As Honda stated, their seatbelts were having problems with unlatching. During low temperatures, friction, too, would cause difficulties with opening the seatbelt. In emergencies, this might cause the passenger to be stuck under the seatbelt for a long time. In case it unlatches randomly, that’s when most injuries happen. During accidents, the passenger might go into the windshield of the car! Even worse, an individual can be thrown out of the vehicle, which can cause severe head and neck injuries. 

How Honda Handled This Issue?

Since the consequences of faulty seatbelts were extremely hazardous, Honda decided that their dealerships would change the seatbelt buttons of the front seat. This will help in a smooth release of the buckle. Moreover, the dealer can also replace the buckle assembly if that is what you want. Fortunately, this will be done free of cost.

If you have any of the above car models, you can go to a Honda dealership nearby and get the seatbelts fixed! In their safety call report, Honda also stated that the owners of these cars would be contacted automatically, so you should be mindful of any emails or calls by Honda.

Preventative Measures

If you own those specific affected car models, you must do a safety check of the seatbelts. Ensure they are fastened and completely latched so you don’t slip out. Sometimes the fabric of the seatbelt can be thin, causing it to be worn out quickly if it is stretched too much. Also, you can get your fabric replaced if the buckle is working just fine. In case the buckle is not working properly, you must get it changed as soon as possible. 

Bottom Line

Injuries caused by safety belt failures should not be taken lightly. These injuries can even lead to paralyzed body parts or even death. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to take care of the issue and not authorize such vehicles. Before purchasing a new car, you must go over the safety hazards and discuss them with the dealers if there are any doubt’s regarding the vehicle’s safety. 

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